2017 Graduation Party Favor Ideas

2017 Graduation Party Favor Ideas

There are so many milestones in a young person’s life, but none are as important as high school or college graduation. For the graduate, it is a time to celebrate. In my own family, my brother was one of those classic underachievers who barely got out of high school. There was a big celebration in our home on the day of his commencement! We laugh at this now, as my brother has two MBA’s from two different top universities, travels for his job, drives a luxury car and makes lots more money than I do, a former honor roll student who spent her days and nights studying!

One of the things many families choose to do is have party favors to commemorate this momentous occasion.

Decisions!  Decisions!

For those who decide to have a graduation party, there are many decisions that need to be made.

First of all, there is the guest list.  How many people to invite and who you are inviting will dictate how much the party costs and where you will be hosting it. Are you having a family only party, a friends of the graduate only party, or a mix of the two?  Will you be inviting neighbors and co-workers? The guest list is the most important part of the planning, since how many people you invite will determine not only the venue where you are hosting the party, but the overall cost as well. While the overall cost of a party is not going to change much if you have 20 guests or 25 guests, the cost doubles if you decide to invite 50 people instead of 25.

Where will the party be held?  Are you planning on renting out a room and catering it, hosting the celebration in a restaurant, or having a party at home?  If the party is at home, will you be keeping it outdoors?  Do you have a backup plan or a rain date in case of inclement weather? The weather has no bearing on an indoor party, but if you are planning an open house style celebration for 80, will you be able to accommodate that many people in your home all at once or even half that amount?

If the party is at home, are you catering it or are you and other family members doing all the cooking? How far in advance can you prepare the food or have to order it? Do you have a plan for leftovers?

What kind of food will you be serving?  Cold trays of sandwiches, hot dishes served from the oven or a buffet table with sternos keeping food hot for several hours at a time? Do you have enough coolers to keep beverages cold? Are you serving coffee if adults are attending?

What time will the party be and when? Morning, afternoon or evening? Are you hosting an Open House where people can come and go or will it be a more formal event? Do you have a firm RSVP deadline?

How will you be decorating the party?  Will you be using the high school colors, your child’s future college/college colors, or your child’s favorite color scheme?  Are you getting signs, balloons, tablecloths and going the whole nine years for the party?

2017 Graduation Party Favor Ideas

What kind of graduation favors will you have?  You can have so many things personalized with wrappers, such as candy bars, lollipops, mints, water bottles, chewing gum sliders, notepads, bottles of hand lotion, containers of lip gloss and so much more.

Here are just a few ideas to get you started on your planning.

Great graduation 2017 party idea=have mints in bowls around your home and on the table of food.

Graduation Party Mints Pkg/50 from Shindigz

Place in bowls around the house with a small container for the wrappers so they do not wind up on your floor.


Metal Graduation Cap Keychains : package of 12 from Amazon.  This item is great for teens to put on their lanyards with their car keys.

Featured image from Pixabay and altered by the author in Picmonkey.



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