5 Seconds of Summer Gifts for Girls

5 Seconds of Summer Gifts for Girls

They are cute.  They are dreamy.  They have tussled hair, doe eyes, and makes the heart of my daughter, as well as millions of other tween and teenage girls, go pitter patter.  They are talented young men who wear today’s most stylish clothes and sell CD’s and iTunes downloads by the millions. Every time their songs come on the radio, girls fantasize that they are singing it just to them.

Pictures of these young men dot my daughter’s walls and the door to her bedroom.  She eagerly awaits for the the newest issue of J-14 and M Magazine to arrive and see whose cute smiling faces are on the latest cover.  Her friends and she spend endless hours talking about them and arguing over which member of the band is cuter.

Who are these young men?

The are the latest teen idol sensation, a band called 5 Seconds of Summer.

The Nature of the Teen Idol

Every decade has it’s own teen idols. In fact, they seem to have a shelf life of about two or three years before the “next big thing” comes along. 

Why is this?

A teen idol’s fan base is typically an older tween or a young teen. As the years pass, she grows up and wants to be a part of more “mature” things.  Someone whom she thought was cute when she was a twelve year old middle schooler does not appeal to the freshman entering high school. Tweens and teens are a fickle group; what is hot today will be cold tomorrow.  A smart teen idol takes advantage of his or her fame while it lasts, and then finds something else to do either in or out of the business.

For example, Donny Osmond was a huge sensation back in the 1970’s. Along with performing with his brothers in their band The Osmonds, he also had a hit variety show with sister, Marie, on ABC. His popularity waned when he married and became a father.

But Donny Osmond did not disappear. He evolved into a stage actor who starred in Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, as well as many other stage productions around the world.

Other teen idols disappear or lead lives of self-destruction, like Leif Garrett.

While no one knows what the future holds for the young men of 5 Seconds of Summer, young fans cannot get enough of the band.

Who Are 5 Seconds of Summer?

5 Seconds of Summer First USA Acoustic IMG 3735 (14849515174)

Photo by Melissa Rose from USA (IMG_3735) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Formed as a band in Australia in 2011, these almost twenty somethings (some of the guys are still 19) not only sing, they play their own instruments as well. Starring on the lead vocals is Luke Hemmings, who also plays the guitar. While Michael Clifford also lends a hand with guitar, it is Calum Hood who plays bass.  Rounding out the band is Ashton Irwin on the drums.

Their humble beginnings go back to the YouTube videos of band covers that they posted. They caught of eye of Sony, and were asked to one for one of the decades most popular boy bands, One Direction. From there, the band took off and they had many number one hits in America and around the world.

In addition to their musical talents, they also write their own material. While they do look like a typical boy band, their major influences are mainly 1990’s and early 2000’s rock and roll. Punk music sounds can definitely be heard in their music…even if they look cute playing it!

If you have a 5 Seconds of Summer fan in your life like I do, here are a few gift ideas that will make her smile.

Girls will have sweet dreams when they go to sleep on this 5 Seconds of Summer pillowcase.

Here is a 5 SOS pillowcase that features all of the members of the band. Made of a 50/50 cotton and polyester blend, it will feel soft against a girl’s skin while she dreams of the band. It is available on Amazon has free shipping. It will make a super stocking stuffer or gift add-on for a gift card or concert tickets.

Need a gift for your favorite 5 Seconds of Summer fan? Here is the 5 SOS 2016 calendar!

A wall calendar serves many purposes. While it may seem old fashioned to today’s tech teens who live on their phones and have all of their important information on it, a visual reminder that is not something that you hold in your hand has practical applications. Seeing what you have to do each day can help set the day on keep you on track. This 18 month square shaped 12 x 12  5 Seconds of Summer 2016 calendar has plenty of eye catching black and white photos to keep young girls happy.

Cute gift for girls-a 5 Seconds of Summer bracelet!

This 5 SOS bracelet is made from titanium and comes in a few styles. It has a heart charm and is adjustable to fit the wrist of the girl who will be wearing it. You can find this on Amazon as well.

Give your favorite fan a 5 Seconds of Summer gift she will cherish!

Featured image from Pixabay and altered by the author in Picmonkey.


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