6 Moving House Hacks You’re Sure to Love

6 Moving House Hacks You’re Sure to Love

Moving house can make you feel like you want to pull your hair out. The experience can be a stressful and frustrating one. But, the truth is that this is often because we make it this way. If you carefully plan the process, and you take advantage of the moving house hacks mentioned below, you are bound to find moving home a lot easier, and maybe even enjoyable.

  1. Bin bag up your hanging clothes – Let’s start off with one of our favourite ideas! There is nothing worse than having to take all your clothes off your hanger, put them in a box or bin bag, to then place them back on a hanger, and hang them up in your new place. Instead, a much better idea is simply to group your clothes on hangers and then place them inside bin bags. You then move the clothes from your wardrobes in sections, which means they are easy to unpack and hang up again.
  2. Take pictures of the setups of your electronic devices – There is nothing worse than trying to plug in your television or your games console at your new place to find that you simply don’t have a clue how to. It can feel like something out of the Crystal Maze when you have so many different wires to deal with, and it is likely that you no longer have the instruction manual either. By simply taking pictures of the set up, you can plug your devices in within a matter of seconds once you move house.
  3. Make a box of essentials for the first night – A lot of people do not realise just how tiring moving home is until they do it. Once you have got all of the boxes into your new house, it is unlikely that you are going to want to start unpacking straight away. Moreover, you probably won’t have the time to unpack everything. This is why it is advisable to have a box of essentials for the first night, including the likes of your toothbrush, make up remover, and pyjamas.
  4. Put string underneath tape – How annoying is it when you have got to remove sticky tape from boxes and it will simply not come off? You can eliminate this problem by putting string underneath the tape. Leave a little bit of string hanging out from the tape, allowing you to easily rip it off when the time comes to unpack.
  5. Get rid of carpet dents – When removing furniture from your current place, it is likely that you will have dents and divots on the carpet. The best way to get these out is to place ice cubes on them. You should let the ice melt, after which use a spoon or coin to lift the fibres up.
  6. Place foam plates in the middle of breakable plates – The best way to make sure your china or ceramic plates do not break is to place a foam plate in the middle. This will act as a cushion and give your plates the added bit of protection that they need.

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