7 Tips for Keeping Playmobil Sets Organized

7 Tips for Keeping Playmobil Sets Organized

Teach Children How to Keep Their Playmobil Sets Organized with These 7 Tips

Playmobil toys have been entertaining children for 40 years and continue to open up little minds to boundless play opportunities. A child’s imagination will soar as they become immersed in the many worlds of Playmobil. They can pretend to be a fearless pirate on the high seas, a princess on her way to a royal ball, an Indian chief protecting his village, or even a veterinarian at a famous zoo. Playmobil themed sets have adorable characters and loads of accessories to make playtime fun. These are such great toys for kids you will want to collect many of the different sets which can also prove to be extremely challenging when it comes to keeping the many accessories and small parts organized and with their proper sets.


7 Tips for Keeping Playmobil Sets Organized


how to sort your playmobil

Keep the boxes!

1- Keep the original boxes intact and in good condition. If you plan to collect sets and sell them later on or pass on to a future generation (the grandkids) it is important to keep the boxes if at all possible. Playmobil boxes each have their own unique markings that allow you to determine the actual age of a set. Don’t use the original boxes for every day storage. The best place to store original boxes is out of direct sunlight (to avoid discoloration) and in an area that maintains little fluctuation in humidity and temperature. Constant changes in humidity can cause the boxes to weaken and possibly lose their shape. Also keep instruction sheets in good condition with their original boxes. If you are unable to store and keep the original boxes that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to sell a set down the road it just means it will be worth a little less than if it had the original packaging.

Playmobil sets give your kids the opportunity to explore many different worlds through play. Keeping these sets organized is a great way to keep sets complete and in good condition and will also teach your kids some valuable skill sets. Through organization kids will learn to care for and value their toys. They will learn how to organize and sort and it will instill a sense of responsibility. For younger children you can even use your method of organization to help teach simple math concepts such as identifying, counting, sorting and recognizing patterns.

Tips to organize playmobil collection

Ziplocs are useful to sort Playmobil sets

2- Use large and small plastic containers with snug fitting lids to keep sets organized. Ziploc baggies also work well to hold many of the small pieces and they can be stored right inside the plastic container. Place a label (or tape a small piece of paper) on the outside of the bin so kids will know what set it is. It may also help to write the total number of pieces in the set on the label which will help with sorting later on. Try to use plastic bins that can be stacked which will be a great space saver. If you don’t plan to save the original boxes use picture cut-outs from the boxes to keep with stored sets.

3- There are also some great organizer bins you can buy with varying numbers of storage compartments (typically used for small tools or craft items) to sort and organize many of the small pieces in Playmobil sets. Many small pieces can be used interchangeably between sets and if you’re not concerned with keeping each set separate and in it’s original configuration then this may be a worthy storage option for all of those tiny pieces.

4- Keeping Playmobil sets in containers, bins and/or bags will not necessarily mean they will stay organized. Little hands throwing pieces into any old bin will defeat your organizational techniques and you’ll end up with a mishmosh of parts. Teach your kids how to organize their toys and what goes where. Do a little sorting every now and then to make sure the right sets are in their designated containers and all of the pieces are there.

Woodland Animals Design Jumbo Storage Bag: perfect for your Playmobil

Woodland Animals Design Jumbo Storage Bag: perfect for your Playmobil

5- If you’ve ever walked across your kids bedroom floor in bare feet and stepped on a small plastic toy that sent you reeling into a hopping frenzy you can understand how important it is to keep all of those little pieces off the floor and organized. Small pieces can be easily lost or misplaced by blending into the carpet, lodged in a crack in the floor if you have hardwood flooring, or even kicked across the room lost in a sea of slippers, socks and dust bunnies under the furniture. Try having your kids play on a large bed sheet on the floor (preferably solid color) which will make clean up afterward much simpler.

6- Playmobil sets are great for preschool age kids and one of the best toys to inspire imagination and creativity. Don’t feel bad at all though putting away those really small pieces until they get a little older. They will have just as much fun even without the tiny little accessories.

7- Consider buying replacement parts for sets that have missing pieces. You can contact your regional Playmobil Consumer Service Department for the USA: Playmobil USA to try to get help finding a replacement part. Replacement parts for discontinued sets may be more difficult to find with your best option being auction sites like eBay. If your little one is particularly fond of a set they will be thrilled to have a complete set again and a complete set will also be more valuable if you decide to sell it at a later date.



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  • It certainly can hurt to accidentally step on these small toy pieces and figures. My daughter enjoys playmobil and we keep it in one large tub but I like the idea of organizing it into something with separate compartments so you can keep certain themes together and be able to find them quickly.


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