A Review of Holistic Select Cat Food

A Review of Holistic Select Cat Food

If you have a cat, you have probably spent some time trying to determine the best food to feed  him or her.   This article will explain why I think Holistic Health is a great choice for any cat, but particularly those having digestion problems.

When I adopted my cat I wanted wholesome food without artificial ingredients or harmful chemicals.   That meant that most grocery brands were not going to be an option.  Nearly all of them are junk food for cats.

Roxy is normally healthy, but she would vomit once in awhile for no apparent reason.  She was eating an organic brand but eventually it seemed the food no longer agreed with her.

I discovered that Holistic Select cat food contains ingredients especially for digestive health.  This food has probiotics, which are the “good” bacteria needed to aid digestion.  It also has digestive enzymes, which breaks down the food in the tummy so that nutrients will be absorbed.

So although I had been feeding her  a wholesome brand, I felt she needed something specifically  for her digestive health.  It was easy to make the switch to Holistic Select cat food.  She ate it right away.   Roxy is a very easy going feline.   If you want to try this brand and your pet is a fussy eater, you may need to wean your cat  off the other food gradually.

The first ingredient in the food is meat or fish, depending of course on which brand you pick.  This is important, because cats need this in their diets.  Lower quality brands of feline food often contain things such as corn and wheat that our pets  don’t need.  The reason it is added is because it’s cheap.  Inexpensive brands often have artificial flavors and ingredients too.  You won’t find anything like that in this brand.  That’s important, because artificial ingredients can cause digestive trouble and other health problems.

All the ingredients in Holistic Select are high quality and nutritious.  I’ve noticed Roxy’s coat looks beautiful, and I think her diet is at least partly responsible for that.

Most importantly, after two months her vomiting has stopped.  I’m sure the digestive enzymes and probiotics in Holistic Select are probably the reason why.   She’s having normal stools as well.

I buy the dry cat food for her, so she can eat when she pleases.  I think the dry is good for her teeth as well.  Canned varieties are available as well.

Roxy loves the chicken brand, but the company offers other brands too.   This food is suitable for cats of all ages.

If you are looking for wholesome food for your pet that is good for their digestive health, I recommend giving  Holistic Select a try. We can feel good knowing we are feeding our pets a healthy diet so they will hopefully live long lives.

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