Guidelines for Writers was established in 2013 as a collaborative site for freelance writers who enjoy sharing their passions and opinions with the world. Read on for further information and frequently asked questions.

Goody Guides Writers

Please familiarize yourself with Google’s website quality guidelines and Adsense user experience guidelines for tips on what kind of content is and isn’t acceptable.

If an article that you’ve written has been previously published on another site but was subsequently rejected or unpublished for low-quality or overly commercial content, that article will probably not be a good match for Goody Guides unless it has been substantially improved. We don’t want to needlessly stifle your creativity, but we do want the site to be welcoming to readers and to reward them for the time that they spend here on our pages.

Specific Points on Our Quality Guidelines:

The guidelines here are mainly just common sense because we wish to keep this website as a venue where writers can share ideas of real value and interest to readers. Above all, be human and take some pride in your work.

No Duplicate Content and Minimal Quotations

Duplicate content such as quotations should make up only a very small part of your article, and plagiarism is flat-out forbidden. If you quote anything, please cite your source.

Respect Image Copyrights

If you use an image that you didn’t create yourself, make sure that you have permission to publish it here and give credit (attribution) as required by the copyright holder.

Topics that you Cannot Write About

All the usual spammy or illegal topics are off-limits. If Adsense terms of service rule it out, so do we. We cannot publish anything that violates Adsense policies and we also want all content to be family friendly. Please familiarize yourself with prohibited content here.

No “Shopping Cart” Sales Pages

As of February 2015, we had to take the decision to set out some actual rules in terms of minimum word counts, text-to-link ratio, and maximum links per article which is explained below. We are not interested in hosting long pages of affiliate links with little or no original written content to give value to our readers.

No Overly Optimized Pages Designed for Search Engines

We want articles to be written for people and not just to try and capitalize on manipulating traffic from search engines. Write with actual readers in mind and think about providing useful, original and engaging content. This is the type of content that is naturally shared via forms of social media.

You do not need to engage in keyword stuffing – search engines are clever enough now to understand what your topic is about if you write articles that stay on-topic and use titles and sub-titles wisely to guide the reader naturally through your work. Keyword stuffed articles will either be edited to remove unnecessary repetitions of phrases or they will be rejected for publication.

Affiliate Link Guidelines for Articles

There is a 500 word count minimum per article and a maximum of 10 affiliate links on a sliding scale, as follows:

2 affiliate links for the minimum 500 word count
3 affiliate links for 600 words
4 affiliate links for 800 words
5 affiliate links for 1000 words
6 affiliate links for 1200 words
7 affiliate links for 1400 words
8 affiliate links for 1600 words
9 affiliate links for 1800 words
A maximum of 10 affiliate links for 2000+ words

Please note that affiliate links in images are counted as separate from text links – so if there is an image with an affiliate link and a text link to the product underneath, that counts as 2 links and not one.

There is now a maximum of 10 product links for articles up to 2000 words in length and this limit is there to prevent any overly promotional pages from being published. Those who write posts that are significantly over 2000 words in length may place in a few more product links but only after gaining permission first from the admin here on Goody Guides who will assess each article on an individual basis.

No Fiction or Poetry

This is a site for non-fiction and article writers. We do not accept fiction or poetry. You may, however, write reviews of fiction and poetry books so long as they meet the guidelines of the site.

Is there any Payment for Writing Here?

There is no payment for articles posted to, but you are welcome to include a reasonable amount of your own affiliate links in your work here as per the rules set out in the guidelines above. And you can of course promote your own products (Zazzle, Cafepress, Etsy, etc.) and other published articles in your posts too.

How can I Apply to Become a Writer?

Please contact us via our contact form here. When you contact us, please tell us briefly about your experience of writing online. It will also help if you can include a link to where your articles are currently published.

The Fine Print and its administrators accept no liability for the actions of or content published by individual writers. By applying to write on this site, you are agreeing to respect and abide by the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and international copyright agreements, Google Webmaster Guidelines, Google Adsense Program Policies, and the specific terms of any affiliate programs with which you may have a relationship. Individual writers are also responsible for disclosing their own affiliate relationships as applicable.

Site administrators reserve the right to take such editorial measures as may be necessary to protect GoodyGuides and its existing writers from risk of potential harm (to income, reputation, or otherwise) that could result from any writer’s publication of content that is deemed overly promotional, over optimized for search engines, deceptive, illegal, or otherwise unethical.  This includes, but is not limited to, contacting the writer to negotiate changes to an article to improve its quality and usefulness to readers, disallowing any low-quality outbound links, and (as a last resort) un-publishing an article if the writer is unwilling or unable to make the required improvements.

For more information, you may get in touch via our contact form here.  Please make allowances for deadlines, real life, and time zones!  However, we’ll make every effort to get back to you within 24 hours.