Amy Farrah Fowler Costume

Amy Farrah Fowler Costume

I have always been a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory. A television program for adults due to it’s content, it is one that I cannot watch while my children are home when it airs at 8:00 in the evening. So every Friday afternoon, before my kids are home for the weekend, I make myself a cup of coffee and watch the latest episode On Demand. For me, it is a great way to kick off the weekend.

Originally, the show found many of its laughs based on the polar opposite characteristics of its four lead characters. While Sheldon Cooper, Leonard Hofstadter, Howard Wolowitz, and Rajesh Koothrappali were all brilliant scientists, with all but Howard having their PhDs, they are all totally inept when it came to women.

Raj became silent in front of women he found beautiful. Howard tried to pick up any female who would give him the time of day. He finally settled down in Season 5 when he married Bernadette Rostenkowski in that seasons final episode. Leonard has had an on again/off again romance with Penny, the gorgeous blonde Cheesecake Factory waitress who loves Leonard but is afraid of commitment. Eventually, the two did marry and it is a very interesting romance between these polar opposites.

And then there is Sheldon Cooper. Sheldon has very little ability to read social cues or understand sarcasm, and he is basically asexual. He does not understand his friends obsession with obtaining coitus.

Out to change his mind about becoming intimate is Sheldon;s girlfriend, Amy Farrah Fowler. Portrayed by actress Mayim Bialik, she has a look that is so unmistakable, it can easily become a fantastic and easy to make Halloween costume.

Who is Amy Farrah Fowler?

Viewers were first introduced to Amy in the last episode of Season 3 of The Big Bang Theory. She is a neurobiologist with a Ph.D (just like Mayim Bialik, who also has the similar degree in neuroscience), whom Raj and Howard discovered while trying to find Sheldon a girlfriend on an internet dating site.

Amy is very similar to Sheldon. Besides loving science, socially, she is just as backward as he is. She has rarely dated and does not know how to interact with both men and women. She had a hard time matriculating into the lives of Bernadette and Penny, who despite being intellectually opposite, have much in common.

Amy and Sheldon have had an odd relationship. They started off by Amy telling Sheldon that she does not like physical contact, and that is something Sheldon could understand. For several months, they texted and emailed, but never met again in person. It was at Penny’s urging that they started to hang out together, and from there the relationship progressed.

When Amy insisted they become boyfriend and girlfriend. Sheldon drafted up “The Relationship Agreement”, a contract on exactly how they were going to act and when. Amy reluctantly agreed to it, and for years had been wanting more to their relationship. That finally happened last season when Sheldon and Amy consummated their relationship. Sheldon, for all his “Sheldoness” truly loves Amy. She made him human, something no other woman, not even his mother, could ever do. Their relationship is sweet and still a bit on the innocent side.

Despite Amy hanging out with other women more often, she still dresses like…Amy.

Dr. Mayim Bialik knows what she is talking about when she acts in her role as Amy Farrah Fowler in the hit CBS comedy "The Big Bang Theory". It is easy to dress like her for Halloween.

Photo by (U.S. Army illustration by Sandra Arnold/Released) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

If you are a fan of the show, here is how you can dress in an Amy Farrah Fowler Halloween costume.

Layer Your Shirt With a Striped Cardigan

In an effort to hide herself, Amy covers her layers of turtleneck and blouse with a striped cardigan. On the season premiere episode a few years ago, Amy revealed to Bernadette what she wears under her cardigan…it is another cardigan!

This striped cardigan is classic Amy Farrah Fowler. It comes in seven different colors.

This cardigan is available on Amazon in seven different colors.

If you do not have one in your wardrobe already, these are attractive and are priced to wear again. Make sure to button it all the way. Unlike Bernadette, who wears her sweaters tight and low cut, Amy buttons hers up to reveal as little skin as possible.

Make sure the turtleneck underneath is a bit mismatched. Amy may be a brilliant scientist, but she has absolutely no sense of style.

How Amy and Sheldon First Met

See how their relationship started. Be prepared for lots of laughs!

Amy Farrah Fowler Costume Straight Skirt

Amy is rarely, if ever seen, wearing pants. Her signature skirt is straight and dark, and it is not tight or even figure flattering; thereby it shows none of her curves.

She does not wear plaid or denim, just a knee length wardrobe basic color of black, navy, brown or tan. The skirt she wears also has no embellishments-no rhinestones, patches, stitching or anything that would make it stand out.

This Alfred Dunner elastic waist stretch skirt is perfect for your Amy Farrah Fowler costume. It comes in black, beige and white as well.

This skirt is available on Amazon in black, brown, beige and white.

The skirt you see comes in petite through plus sizes. It has an elastic waist so it is comfortable to wear. It comes in many different Amy-esque colors, like beige and navy.

Finish Your Costume With Amy Inspired Accessories

If accessories make the woman, then the following items put together just scream Amy Farrah Fowler. You would not find a single one of these accessories on a fashion show runway or in any woman’s style magazine. More than likely, you will find any of these items on a little girl in elementary school, pretty much where Amy’s social development stopped.

These glasses are just like the ones Amy Farrah Fowler wears. The glass is clear.

Glasses Available on Amazon

Her glasses help Amy see the world, although she does not always get the social cues Penny and Bernadette try to help her see. These tortoise shell glasses are clear and will give you the nerdy scientist look that is Amy.

Amy Farrah Fowler is always seen wearing colorful tights like these.

Tights in assorted colors and sizes available on Amazon

Finishing off the Amy look are these colorful tights. Since she does not wear pants, tights keep her legs warm and give a bit of “pop” to her otherwise drab outfits. These come in a rainbow of colors.

The basic barrettes are often seen in Amy Farrah Fowler's hair.

Barrettes Available on Amazon

Last, but not least, is Amy’s hair. She typically wears it with a barrette like the ones pictured here.

Dressing as Amy Farrah Fowler this Halloween is going to be easy to do with these simple pieces of clothing!

Featured Photo by (U.S. Army illustration by Sandra Arnold/Released) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons and altered by the author in Picmonkey


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