Angry Bird Valentine Card Craft

Angry Bird Valentine Card Craft
Angry Bird Valentine Cards

Angry Bird Valentine Cards

Angry birds want to be sweet and adorable. With Valentines Days just around the corner they will trade there angry streaks for sweet, cute and lovable. Most kids loves these sweet angry birds. They’ve become quite popular. Valentine’s is such a fun time to get cards especially of these lovable creatures. Kids love crafty projects so why not make your own.

I had boys and they both really liked Angry Birds. They liked to give fun cards and get them. My younger son liked to make them. My older just wanted me to buy them to give. I loved seeing what my son would make for his friends.

Included in this article will be a few links to print out Angry Bird cards plus a little tutorial of what you’ll need to do this with. Just think of the delightful fun this project will be to do. Your friends at school will love these cards.

Printable Cards – FREE

Here are three websites you can download and print angry bird Valentines cards from.

  1. Big D & Me – Fun colorful angry bird faces and sayings
  2. Examiner – Print and color your angry bird valentine cards.
  3. DLTK – You can print the cards in color or black and white.

Big D & Me and DLTK  are just simply printing and cutting them apart then writing to and from on them. If you want to really get into being more creative with your cards then the Examiner link is for you and where you can print off the design and color them your self.

How – To – Tutorial Printing Valentine Cards

Here is a list of what supplies you’ll need for making your angry bird cards.

Materials & Tools: 

  1. Computer
  2. Printer
  3. Printer Paper
  4. Scissors
  5. Colored Sharpies, Pen or Pencils
  6. Crayons or Colored Pencils
  7. Most important a parent to help you!


1. Turn on the computer and get it ready.


Happy Computer Clip Art


2. Turn on the printer and get it ready.


HP Printer

3. Put the card paper into printer tray.


Free from Clipart Panda

4. Click to the chosen website to print out your card template.


Card by DLTK

5. Once the cards are printed then this is what your cards will look like printed out.

6. Now cut on the dotted line and use a colored marker, pen or pencil to write who it’s to and from.

Now that you have this tutorial to help you know what to do, now get printing and have fun making these cards. I’m sure you parents would agree this would be a fun project for your son or daughter to do. You could get some suckers for your cards too. Either tape them on or punch a few holes into the card then put the sucker in then and your card is ready to give.  What a wonderful surprise and treat it will be for your friends when they get this card from you.  All perfect for sharing with your friends on Valentines Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Angry Bird Love – Be Mine!


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