Baseball Themed Wedding Ideas

Baseball Themed Wedding Ideas

Is it possible for a couple of baseball fans to make their favorite sport into a wedding theme, and still keep it classy?  You bet it is!

Red and white is the perfect color scheme for a wedding with a baseball theme, of course.  Your defining image is the timeless white ball itself with red-stitched seams.

If you’re looking to add a touch of a third color to the scheme, the answer lies in the Field of Dreams with the golden tan of the run around the bases and the muted mid-summer green of the outfield grass under a blazing sun. Or, if both the bride and groom are fans of the same team, pick up one of the team’s own colors to complement the basic white with red accents.

Baseball Rose Boutonniere - FlowerFor the ceremony itself , decorations and flowers in white and red are fresh and on theme, and the classic color scheme gives you a wide choice of items to suit  your own taste.

(Did you know, you can actually get faux rosebuds and baseball rose boutonnieres that are handcrafted in the USA from pieces of real baseballs?!)

Personally, we like over-sized white daisies with sprays of dainty baby’s breath and miniature red roses for the bouquets and buttonholes, as they’re not only the perfect mix of light-hearted and elegant but also in season (and so quite affordable) for weddings from late spring to early fall.  Red gerbera daisies are another unusual option in keeping with the colors of the baseball theme.

Pick up the sports motif even more overtly, if you like, with ribbons or fabric ribbons printed to match the ball stitching, woven into or cascading from the ladies’ bouquets, or have the flower stems bound with leather strips to evoke the lacing of a ball glove.

For pew markers, if you’re going that route, take a good look at the row numbers at your local stadium next time you’re at a game, and see if that’s a look you might want to replicate. Alternatively, think “vintage baseball cards” as a unique accent piece in a more traditional pew marker floral arrangement.

One couple we know used a much-loved baseball mitt from the groom’s days on his college team as a pillow for the ring bearer (an adorable little boy in a tiny umpire’s uniform) to carry in the rings.

Tokens & Icons MLB Game Played Baseball Sterling Silver CufflinksFor the tux-clad gentlemen of the wedding party, what could be more appropriate than a set of surprisingly classy baseball cufflinks as a groomsmen’s gift?

Even better, outfit the fellows with matching set of cufflinks made in the USA from real pieces of real baseballs that were actually played in real major league games!

Mounted in sterling silver and packaged in a gift box, each set of MLB game-played baseball cufflinks comes with the team name (yes, you can choose the team) stamped on the back, as well as a code number that lets you look up what game the baseball was played in and where.  What a unique piece of memorabilia, for a baseball fan’s wedding!

Now, let’s talk cake.

One of the best baseball-themed groom’s cakes we’ve seen was a diamond-shaped cake cased in pale green marzipan and topped with a real baseball in one of those shallow cup-shaped ball stands that collectors use to hold their prized signed baseballs.

Written onto the ball, the way a ball player would write on his autograph, was the date of the wedding and the names of the bride and the groom – another nice memento for the newlywed couple to cherish for years to come.

For the bride’s cake – that deliciously traditional multi-tiered confection that takes center stage at the wedding reception – you can’t do better than a pair of amusing cake toppers in a baseball theme.

Sold separately, these hand-painted toppers are each about 6 and a half inches tall with a “footprint” of about 4 inches, give or take a fraction, so they’re large enough to show all the fine detail of the faces and figures. Fortunately for the good of the cake, however, these baseball cake toppers are also made of fine porcelain, so they’re very lightweight but much more classy than a plastic set of toppers would be.

The groom figurine is winding up to pitch (how appropriate!) while the bride figurine is poised to swing her bat.  After the wedding, the figurines will serve as a lovely decorative reminder of the special day, and I bet they’ll continue to bring a smile for years to come.

When it comes to setting the tables at the reception, carrying out the theme with a perfect blend of elegance and whimsy is a snap. Go with classic white linen tablecloths and red accents, then carry the theme of your favorite sport with a selection of key accessories.

Baseball ball seam print beverage napkinsFor example, small team pennants are ideal for table markers or place cards, while baseball theme cocktail napkins are a simple but highly effective item of party supplies, both practical and decorative, and very distinctively lets everyone know they’re at the wedding of a pair of baseball fans.

Cluster a bouquet of baseball-shaped novelty balloons filled with helium in the corners of the room, or create a whimsical arch of baseball balloons and pennants over the doorway of the reception hall, for the newlyweds grand entrance.

Print your menu or programs as baseball game programs. Use an autograph book designed for sports fans as your guestbook at the reception.  Give the head table a creative “dugout” backdrop. Set a box of Crackerjacks at each guest’s place at the table instead of the more conventional favors like a box of sugared almonds.

You might even want to have your servers pass around pre-dinner drinks from neck-slung trays like those worn by the hot-dog vendors at the stadium – if the venue will go for it.  In fact, speaking of venues, what about holding the wedding itself outdoors at your favorite local ball diamond, or in the clubhouse after the season wraps up?

Let your imagination run all the bases, and you’ll find no shortage of unique and original ideas to bring the fun of the Big Game to the Big Day of your life!

Image credits: Baseball cufflinks  by slgckgc on  flickr [ CC-BY-2.0], modified by the author; all other images are in association with Zazzle and Amazon.


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