Bath Salts for Alternative Therapy

Bath Salts for Alternative Therapy

Alternative therapies have proven over time that they can be very effective. Romans and Greeks used extensive bathing therapies for stress relief and techniques to cure minor ailments through it. Research shows that they used bath salts and body scrubs combined with aromatherapy and that the bathing rituals were long and rigorous. Soldiers post war would be rewarded with baths.

Egyptians used essential oils for massaging and pain relief. Bath salts are known to provide the ultimate relaxation. Your skin can feel amazingly hydrated and smooth. Rewarding the taxed body once in a while is an absolute necessity. The body is your temple and you need to do this often to enjoy the benefits of glowing skin that feels soft to touch even when you are ageing.

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The philosophy of bathing is simple, you want to remember how well and fresh you feel after a warm shower. The therapeutic powers of bathing cannot be underestimated. Along with the natural fragrant sea salts, it transforms the bath into an exhilarating experience with aromas that accompany the salts. It can be an extremely healing treatment for both the body and the mind.

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Bath Therapy Factors affecting Skin

I have found that baths can be so refreshing that they can take your mind away from the strains and the humdrum of life. You might have a number of things on your mind and you may be finding it difficult to cope. Too many thoughts might be ruining your natural sleeping habits. Late night binging and drinking can cause havoc on your health. Junk food is another way to damage your health and skin. Baths come to the rescue for all such cases. You may find that, in the long run, alternative therapies can be better than taking pills and potentially damaging your kidney and liver. Many of these medicines can come with side effects.

Taking a natural source of food like salads and fruits can provide a continuous supply of antioxidants to rejuvenate the tired skin. A natural glow to the skin is possible with homemade scrubs of salts, fruit and honey. After a facial scrub or a face mask, bathing can bring softness to the entire body. The skin is an important organ of our body. It is also the largest and provides protection to our other organs. It is constantly at work. We feel confident if our skin has a natural glowing complexion and is free of acne and the signs of ageing. There are plenty of reasons why we should take care of our skin.

In many cases of insomnia, bath salts can help. You are bound to get some sound sleep after a relaxed bath. Massaging with essential oils also help post or pre bath.

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The Basic ingredients of Bath Salts and Bath Bombs

The essential properties of bath salts are revealed when they are released in the water. They freely dissolve in water and also release any fragrance that they carry. Bath bombs dissolve in water with a fizz and you can make them at home also. Here are some important salts used for bathing.

Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate)

Popularly known as baking soda, this salt has soothing and softening qualities for the skin. It is an alkaline salt and a good base for absorbing scent. Widely used in baking, it is also extensively used in tooth powders, hair rinses, bath additives and deodorants. One of the old traditional uses of baking soda was to apply it on mild burns and insect bites. A very effective cleansing agent, it is used in hair sprays and gels also. Please remember that the grade qualities of soda used for baking and the baking soda for external use are entirely different.

Citric Acid

It is a food preservative obtained by fermenting sugars from citrus fruits. The citrus acid used in food prevents fruits from turning brown. You can procure citric acid from pharmacies and wine supply stores easily. Citric acid is used in conjunction with baking soda for creating fizzy bath salts or bath bombs. It is a great astringent and skin toner.

Epsom Salts

Epsom salts are alkaline in nature and are not pure salts per se but compounds of magnesium sulphates. Widely known for curing skin ailments, they are profusely used in spas for health benefits and in gardening to improve the harvest.

It derives its origin from the Epsom Spring in Surrey, England where the bitter, alkaline salts were found. These salts are excellent when it comes down to reducing inflammation and fatigue in muscles. Magnesium is a mineral that is essential for body functioning, muscles and nerves and it also prevents hardening of arteries. Sulphates improve the absorption of nutrients in the body, flush out harmful toxins and provide relief from migraine types of headaches. Easily absorbed by the skin, Epsom salt is a popular choice for bath therapy. It is an excellent exfoliator and an anti-inflammatory agent.

Coarse salts are usually the big chunks that are added to hold the scent and color of the essential oils, herbs and fragrances of flowers. They are crystals which relinquish the aromas and minerals to the bath that keep your skin and body refreshed for hours.


This is a binding material often used in bath powders and gels. It is a key ingredient of foaming and fizzing baths.

Dead Sea Mineral Salts

Of all the salts found naturally from the ocean and rocks, Dead Sea salt is the one that contains the most concentrated healing salts which are rich in minerals and nutrients. The unique composition of natural salting is the result of natural evaporation of the lake when it was locked in an isolated compartment. Through solar radiation, the constituents of the Dead Sea precipitate rich compounds on the bed. These salts have unique properties of healing, nourishing the body and activating the blood streams. Said to aid with chronic aches like rheumatoid diseases and metabolic skin disorders, they are awesome for treating fatigue and body aches.

The amazing constituents of these contain 26 essential minerals of which twelve are not found in any other sea in the world. These salts penetrate through the skin layers, often making them softer and smoother.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please seek professional advice regarding the information that you have read here.

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