Beauty and the Beast Costumes for Adults-Belle, Beast and More

Beauty and the Beast Costumes for Adults-Belle, Beast and More

Beauty and the Beast Costumes for Adults Have Arrived!

Disney Studios is pulling out the stops with the 2017 live action remake of the 1991 classic animated film Beauty and the Beast. This film, which was also turned into a successful Broadway play that ran for 13 years and toured the world, had to be remade with the heart of the story remaining intact. In addition, the soundtrack that millions can sing by heart had to remain but with freshened up versions; it also had to be updated so it could have some character of its own. The film has four new songs were added to the original score.

In addition to new songs, the live action update includes a few more details. Like most Disney female lead characters, Belle is motherless. Rarely is it mentioned how she died, but in this version of Beauty and the Beast, the mystery is solved. In the 1991 introduction, the animated movie tells a very simplistic reason for why the prince was cut under a spell-he did not give any food or money to a poor beggar woman who was actually an enchantress. In the film, this is fleshed out more. LeFou, Gaston’s lackey, is now gay (and this is causing issues with some people). A new character, voiced by Stanley Tucci, is part of the ensemble. He is a harpsichord named Maestro Cadenza. These characters, referred to as sidekicks, provide a lot to any film. Of course, for Disney, that will translate into more money for related merchandise, such as dolls and costumes for all of the changes they have made to make the 2017 version stand on its own.

The live action version of Beauty and the Beast promises to be a hit, because it reaches out to both older audiences and a new generation of movie goers as well. The plot plays well to adults, and that has always been the secret to family film success. Reach every member of the family and you will see repeat business not only in the theater, but with all related merchandise as well.

Beauty and the Beast Belle Costume

Our heroine, Belle, is the focal point of the film. She has different outfits in the film.

Beauty and the Beast Belle village girl costume for adults

Available on Amazon

When we first meet the bookish Belle, she is wearing a village girl dress like the one pictured above. This Belle costume for adults includes everything you see here-the white, long sleeved shirt and blue dress underneath, the apron and the underskirt. It comes in sizes X-Small to XXX-Large and can also be custom made as well.

Beauty and the Beast Belle yellow ball gown costume for adults

Available on Amazon

This Belle Beauty and the Beast yellow ball gown costume has many intricate details. The off the shoulder neckline has jewels and three roses right in the center. The skirt is scalloped and ruched and is accented with roses all around as well as being bejeweled like the neckline. This costume also comes with the yellow gloves pictured, a hair tie and the petticoat. It is available in sizes X-Small to 3 XL.

If your hair is not long and brown, adding the perfect Belle wig will literally top off your amazing costume

Beauty and the Beast costume wig-Belle

Available on Amazon

Beast Costume

Much has been made about filling in the plot holes from the animated film being fixed for the live action version of this Disney classic. In the animated original, the spell lasts for ten years and the last petal of the enchanted rose will fall on his 21st birthday, causing him to die if he does not find someone who truly loves him in his beastly guise. That means the prince was eleven when he was being a brat to the beggar woman! Without giving away how it was done, this hole in the plot no longer exists.

Here is a Beast costume that represents what he looked like for the ten years he was made to look scary.

Beauty and the Beast costume for adults-the Beast

Available on Amazon

This costume is utterly gorgeous! It includes the royal blue coat with contrasting yellow piping and accents, as well as the yellow shirtwaist belt. The white ruffled shirts and pants are also included. You can find this in sizes X-Small to XX-Large or have it custom made to your physique.

Beast costume wig from Beauty and the Beast

Available on Amazon

To finish up the Beast costume, you need the right hair. This is a two piece wig set. The beard has an elastic strap that goes over your head and under the wig. The ears are on clips, so you can remove them if you wish.

A Movie Must Have-The Villain

Ask any actor if he would rather play a good guy or a villain, and chances are that the person would reply “a villain”.

Why is that?

Nice guys are just that-nice.  There aren’t many layers when someone is happy.  Some people are naturally happy while others have a sweet life and what is the big deal about anything?

But villains, they are not usually born that way.  There is a backstory, some thing, some person, or some life changing event that causes someone good to turn evil. The success of Maleficent and Wicked are proof that we want to know why baddies are the way they are.

If the backstory is unknown, then actors like to make one up themselves and dive into the soul of the person they are portraying. Being bad permits the actor the portray the role as campy or delightfully villainous. Bad may not be the way to act in real life, but in a film or program, it is so good to be bad.

Imagine a movie that only had protagonists…the good guys. How can a story be interesting if there is no conflict, no barrier for the protagonist to overcome? It would be boring. Call the character a foil, a nemesis or an antagonist, this character increases the suspense of a story. Having a bad guy gives the audience someone to root for as well. So in addition to a sidekick, a movie must also have a bad guy. And does Beauty and the Beast have one!

Beauty and the Beast Gaston Costume

Every good story needs an antagonist, and in this film, he goes by the name of Gaston. In this version of the classic fairy tale, he is played by Luke Evans. Gaston is both handsome and a talented hunter, and he lets everyone who is nearby know it. He is a narcissist who wants Belle to be his bride simply so she can bear him sons. He is quick to temper if he does not get his way, and he is a very jealous man. His large size and large presence makes him popular in the village and everyone wants to be like him. He is the physical opposite of Beast, the one with whom Belle falls in love.

Beauty and the Beast Gaston costume for men

Available on Amazon

This costume comes in three sizes-Small/Medium, Large-X-Large, and XX-Large. It comes with the red shirt with faux buckel, yellow gloves and wig. Add your own dark pants and you are set.

The Secret to a Movie’s Success-The Sidekick

Every successful animated movie protagonist has a sidekick that brings comic relief to every situation. Think about these favorite Disney pairings:

Cinderella and Gus

Mulan and Mushu

Elsa and Olaf

Kristoff and Sven

Aladdin and Genie

Ariel and Sebastian

Robin Hood and Little John

Simba and Timon and Pumba

Rapunzel and Pascal

In movies, a film has to have a plot that will engross the audience. Something dramatic has to happen to drive the plot to the expected happy ending. During these troubling moments in the film, it is the sidekick who brings out the cathartic and much needed laugh to ease the tension and to signal to children that everything is going to be all right in the end. Try to imagine Frozen without the playfulness of Olaf and Sven or Aladdin without the comic genius of Robin Williams’ Genie. These characters are a part of some of the best moments of their respective films.

These sidekicks tend to be breakout characters because they provide the most laughs.

In Beauty and the Beast, there are a host of sidekicks who bring joy and laughter to the movie. Here are some of them and the Halloween costumes you can wear to dress like one of them.


Lumiere is a candelabra with a French accent. He is portrayed as a ladies man who has a certain joie de vive. He is one of Beast’s main confidants’ and has no problem disobeying his orders in the castle if it means that Belle may be one step closer to falling in love with Beast. He has impeccable manners and wants Belle to feel welcome in the castle that is now her home. This can be seen in the show stopping musical number, “Be Our Guest”.

Beasuty and the Beast Lumiere costume for adults. It is also available in children's sizes as well.

Available on Amazon in Both Adult and Children’s Sizes

This Lumniere costume comes with a shirt front and a fancy tailcoat jacket. Also included are striped pants, the headpiece that looks like the top of a candle, and hand covers that also look like candle top. Finishing the costume are boot covers that go over any show you choose to wear. It is available in a standard size and X-Large as well.


The Yin to Lumniere’s Yang, Cogworth is the other half of this castle odd couple. Cogsworth is a stickler for the rules and dislikes it immensely when Lumniere does not follow Beast’s orders. After all, when Beast gets mad, it is a terrible sight to see! and that is something Cogsworth fears. Keeping Beast calm makes life in the castle much easier on everyone who is living there. Although he is a rule follower, he does have a sense of humor as well and he is a very loyal friend. He actually saves Lumiere’s life near the end of the film.

Beauty and the Beast Cogsworth costume for adults

Available on Amazon on Both Adult and Child Sizes

This Cogsworth costume is one standard size and comes with everything you need to make this ensemble work.

Mrs. Potts Costume

Mrs. Potts is a mom. Her character is smart. level headed and she has a lot of common sense. She has a stern side, which Beast responds to when she uses it on him (much like a mother when she speaks to her child). Unlike Lumniere, who believe Belle and Beast can fall in love in a short period of time and therefore break the spell, Mrs. Potts knows that it takes much more than a few hours to fall in love. Belle needs to find the softer side of Beast and Beast needs to relearn some of the human behaviors he once had. Mrs. Potts is also the mother of Chip, whose childlike curiosity can make audiences smile.

Beauty and the Beast Mrs Potts costume for adults

Available on Amazon

This is such and easy costume to wear! It comes with two pieces-the main costume that features Mrs. Potts’ face with a pink skirt bottom and a scalloped neckline and a pink hat that is her lid. Add your own tights, white shirt and black shoes or sneakers so you can have the perfect finish to your Mrs. Potts costume.

With so many wonderful characters from Beauty and the Beast, selecting just one costume will be a challenge!

Featured image from Pixabay and altered by the author in Picmonkey


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