Best Adoption Gifts

Best Adoption Gifts

The arrival of a new baby is a very special time in the lives of parents.  There has been a lot of waiting, anticipating, and nervousness until the new bundle of joy arrives.  This is true for parents who physically have given birth to a child and for those who have become a family via the adoption process.

As a woman who has become a mother via biology and adoption, I can tell you that the waiting for both was challenging, moreso for the adoption that the actual birth. While I had a due date for my daughter, I never knew when I was going to get the phone call that would change not only my life, but that of my husband and my daughter.  Her only birthday wish for years was to have a brother AND a sister (yes, much to our surprise, her birthday wish did come true when we adopted boy/girl twins!)

What to Buy Baby

While some parents to be via adoption gladly have an entire room ready for their new arrival, there may be others who express hesitation to set up a nursery and buy baby items ahead of time.  Sadly, I know of some people who have had their adoptions fail, only to come home to an empty room.  (These same people later went on to adopt successfully).

I had a nursery all ready for a baby, as my daughter moved to her big girl room when she was two.  But I suffered from secondary infertility, which is an inability to become pregnant again or maintain a pregnancy after having had one successful pregnancy. For years, I kept the door to that room shut, as it caused me much pain to walk past it and see it empty.

Adoptive parents are going to need almost all of the same baby gear as those who have given birth.  A crib and bedding, diaper bags, clothing, a swing, a high chair…just about anything you would buy a pregnant woman you can purchase for the mother-to-be via adoption.  In my case, I had one of everything, but with twins I needed two!  Friends who never had that third child gave me the large equipment, and I had a baby shower after my little ones came home from the NICU to fill in the gaps.

Although everything I received was welcomed with love and gratitude, there were certain gifts that stood out above the rest.  These were specialized adoption gifts that had an extra layer of meaning to them.

The Ultimate Adoption Baby Book

A typical baby book has pages for mother’s to write down their thoughts and feelings while she was pregnant with her child. This is not an appropriate kind of baby book for those who become parents via adoption.

This adoption baby book has many sections in it that parents can fill out as they share the story of how they became a “forever family”.  This can even be given to those waiting for the arrival of their child, as there are sections about waiting, what is ultimately the most difficult part of the adoption process.

There are 25 different sections to this book and it is very comprehensive.

My Family, My Journey: A Baby Book for Adoptive Families from Amazon

Gifts That Matter

The following gifts would be most welcomed by parents who have adopted a baby. These are keepsakes that will be treasured throughout the child’s lives and passed on to them.

Willow Tree Child of My Heart from Amazon

This statue of a mother holding her child brings alive the dream that women have as they wait for that special phone call that makes it a reality.

8×10 ADOPTION Picture & Poetry Photo Gift Frame ~ Cream/Navy Blue Mat with BLACK Frame ~ Great Adoption Keepsake Gift for Adopting Parents from Amazon

This keepsake frame is made for those who created their families through the adoption process.


5×7 ADOPTION Poem Double Hinged BLACK Picture/Photo Frame ~ A Wonderful Keepsake Frame for the Adopting Family! from Amazon

Here is another keepsake picture frame that is precious.

Adoption Books for Children

As an adoptive mother, I have quite a collection of books on the topic.  Some were given to me as gifts and others were ones that I purchased to share with my children.

The gift of a book is one that is always appreciated.  There are many books on the topic, ranging from domestic adoptions to international adoptions.  One or more of these books is sure to closely fit the family’s situation and be a tale that is read to their child over and over again.

This book was given to me by my best friend, an adoptive mother herself, after my twins arrived.  Eleven years later, I still tear up at the section when they meet their daughter for the first time.  Jamie Lee Curtis tells the tale of her own daughter’s adoption in this heartfelt story with amusing illustrations by her partner, Laura Cornell.

Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born from Amazon

This is a tale of international adoption, and has always been one of my son’s favorite adoption stories to read aloud.  It tells the true story of how the author, Karen Katz, adopted her daughter, and the love, joy and anticipation that was felt not only by her husband and herself, but by friends and family who were also anxious for the new arrival.

Over the Moon: An Adoption Tale from Amazon


There are many more adoption books for children available.  No one will completely tell the tale the way yours happened, but the common thread is that they tell the story of love and belonging.

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