The Very Best Cat Bed for Small Spaces

The Very Best Cat Bed for Small Spaces

A Unique Space-Saving Cat Hammock Bed

If your kitty always picks the most awkward place to sleep – like in your laundry basket, or on your desk, or right in the middle of your kitchen floor – you’ll see immediately why the Cat Crib  is the most brilliant idea the cat furniture designers have come up with since those modular climbing wall shelf cat playground things.

And if you live in a small space, let’s face it, even the most beloved feline friend can get in the way sometimes, grabbing a nap in the main traffic flow. Worse yet, you find yourself duking it out with your beloved Puss for use of The Only Good Chair.

Now, wouldn’t it be nice if your darling furbaby could just curl up quietly… say, under a chair or under the coffee table … tucked in out of the way of your feet and your Zumba practice?

Welcome the Cat Crib hammock, my feline-fancying friends!

Lucky cat!

We’ve never seen a pet bed quite like the Cat Crib hammock. It’s ideally suited for the very nature of cats, since sling-type beds have the soft body-conforming semi-bounce kind of surface they love to curl up on. And the space under a chair or side table – which you know you’re not going to use for anything much, anyway – is brilliantly put to use as a cosy kitty cave!

The absolute best thing about this design? The no-slip straps.

Cat lying in purple Cat Crib under chair

I mean, the last thing Puss wants is to curl up in his hammock, do a few stretches, and just get comfortably into his afternoon zzzzz only to find himself belly-flat on the floor.

From all accounts – and I’m so totally Physics-impaired, I have no idea how they pull it off – it is not only possible but done right, right here. Hence, no doubt, the whole “patent pending” thing.

Top Hammock Style Cat Bed for Small Spaces – Approved by Sleepy Cats

You can find your Cat Crib at, in your choice of tasteful tan, classy black, or funky purple.  (I’d go for the tan color, myself, as it hides the cat hair best – unless you’ve got a black or tuxedo cat, of course, in which case you’re pretty much open for color choice and can be all Suzy Home Decorator about it – but hey, different strokes.)

A comfy little hidey-hole for Puss, but you’re not using up extra floor space for a free-standing cat condo or pet bed.  Whoever came up with this idea, they clearly know how cats think, and the challenges we often face in living in small spaces with strong-minded cats who believe all the furniture belongs to them!

Brilliant, no?


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