Best Catfish fishing Baits

Best Catfish fishing Baits

What is the Best bait for Catfish Fishing?

Secrets to catching catfish fishing bait.

So what is the best catfish baits? I have tried dough bait and stink bait with little luck. I know of others that swear by those, they just don’t work for me and I just won’t buy or make them any more.
I have used chicken liver, gizzards and hearts with some decent luck but not great. I’ll still have them with me though when I go catfishing.

Shrimp is better the large ones are best (uncooked) if you are going to use them so shrimp works well. Worms sits at the same level, for me, as shrimp so when I go catfishing I’ll have worms and shrimp as well.

The best catfish bait I have found is crawdads. I use a cast net to catch them. I describe how I catch crawdads on this page: Catfishing Tips: How to Catch Catfish from shore..

The second best is Perch after that comes any form of the natural bait fish in the lake or river you are fishing at. You can use them live or dead as cut bait.
It has been my experience that catfish, or any game fish, would rather eat what they are familiar with then anything else, so the best baits for me come from my cast net in the way of crawdads, perch, shiners (shad) or minnows. These are the best catfishing baits for catching catfish.

The best catfish baits I’ve found.

Catfish bait the easy way.

The Best Catfish Bait comes from the waters that the catfish live in. Be it a Lake, river or a pond use what is there, what you can find with a cast net and save the money you’d spend on live bait for more fishing.
There are no real secrets to catching catfish bait or even catching catfish you just need to use the right tactics and techniques.

The Mako Bait Casting Net comes in sizes from 3 foot to 8 foot. They are inexpensive you can be used them to practice with at home and in places where you think there is brush. Well worth their price in live bait cost – over one weekend you can easily save the price of a good net.

Photo: Fisherman throwing a a cast net, Tropenmuseum of the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) CC-BY-SA-3.0


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