Big Hero 6 Action Figures

Big Hero 6 Action Figures

Children love to play with small action figures.  They have been a childhood staple since the creation of those little green army men that kids used to play with.  These small figures permit children to act out a variety of different situations.  If it is a movie character, children can recreate their favorite scenes from the film.  Or if they did not like how the scene worked itself out, children can create their own ending that suits them.

A step further into the world of imaginative play has children using these characters in entirely new situations that have nothing to do with the movie or television program where they originated.  They can place these characters into situations that may even be a part of their own lives, and in turn, it can help a child solve a problem the way s/he wants it to be solved.

This upcoming November, Disney has high hopes for its first superhero film entitled Big Hero 6.  The famous studio has teamed up with Marvel Studios, the same people who brought moviegoers action packed blockbusters like the Avengers and the Iron Man series.

The target market for this film is older children and families.  The story line may be too intense for younger children, as the protagonist’s older brother is murdered at the start of the film.  The action revolves around Hiro Hamada finding his brother’s murderers.

Big Hero 6 action figures have arrived and each main character is represented.

Hiro Hamada

Hiro Hamada is a boy genius.  He looked up to his murdered brother and is suffering greatly from his loss.  The young teenage superbrain vows to find who did this heinous crime and bring him to justice.

This Big Hero 6 action figure comes with a 3.5 inch Hiro and a compact Baymax.


Baymax was left behind by Tadash to look after his brother.  This 4 inch action figure has snap on wings.



Yokai is the evil antagonist of this film.  He is a ghostly figure, with a white Kabuki looking mask that has red streaks across it (kind of reminds you of blood).  This 4 inch figure is dressed in head to toe black and has arms that bend at the elbows.  Also included is his “microbots” accessory.

Wasabi No Ginger


Wasabi No Ginger is part of the superhero team.  He is skilled with a blade, as they do project out of his arms. When not dressed for battling the bad guys, Wasabi is a helpful friend to Hiro who is a bit of a neat freak. This figure is 4 inches tall.


This 4 inch action figure may not look like a nerd, but he is! When not fighting the forces of evil, Fred is a regular kind of dude with a gentle personality and a love for comic books.  This item includes a snap on tail.


Go Go Tomago


Go Go Tomago is one of the two female members of the Big Hero 6 team.  She has a sarcastic wit, loves to chew bubble gum and her superpower is that she is superfast and can throw weapons like nobody’s business.

This 4 inch action figure is fully articulated.

Honey Lemon

She is the other female on the superhero team.  Honey Lemon carries a purse that seems to hold everything she needs, but no one can figure out where she stores it all. This figure is 4 inches tall and comes with her messenger bag and stand.

Disney’s Big hero 6 action figure are going to be on every child’s wishlist this holiday season!

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