Big Hero 6 Baymax Costumes for Kids and Adults

Big Hero 6 Baymax Costumes for Kids and Adults

Since it’s release on November 7th, 2014, the animated Disney film Big Hero 6 has grossed over 650 million worldwide. While most movie studios only dream of having the same box office receipts as 2013’s Frozen, Big Hero 6 was a resounding financial success in it’s own right. The story of Hiro Hamada and his nursebot, Baymax, was one that reached the hearts of both children and adults. And that has always been the secret to family film success. Reach every member of the family and you will see repeat business not only in the theater, but with all related merchandise as well.

Plus, when you add in that Academy Award it won for Best Animated Movie, Big Hero 6 was yet another notch in the Disney Studios belt.

The Secret to a Movie’s Success-The Sidekick

Every successful animated movie protagonist has a side kick that brings comic relief to every situation. Think about these favorite pairings:

Cinderella and Gus

Mulan and Mushu

Elsa and Olaf

Kristoff and Sven

Aladdin and Genie

Ariel and Sebastian

Robin Hood and Little John

Simba and Timon and Pumba

Rapunzel and Pascal

In movies, a film has to have a plot that will engross the audience. Something dramatic has to happen to drive the plot to the expected happy ending. During these troubling moments in the film, it is the sidekick who brings out the cathartic and much needed laugh to ease the tension and to signal to children that everything is going to be all right in the end. Try to imagine Frozen without the playfulness of Olaf and Sven or Aladdin without the comic genius of Robin Williams’ Genie. These characters are a part of some of the best moments of their respected films.

These sidekicks tend to be breakout characters because they provide the most laughs.

In Big Hero 6, Baymax, who is also a part of the film’s most dramatic moments, brings lots of laughter. The scene where he is running out battery power and acting like he is intoxicated brings out belly laughs in everyone. And who can forget the scene in the police station when he is using the police officer’s scotch tape to patch his air holes? Hilarious!

Since he is a robot, he has a naiveté  that is almost childlike in nature. The younger members of the audience can relate to that while the adults find the humor in it. He has been programmed to care, and although he does not have real feelings like a human does, he shows his affection and audiences lap that up.

Finally, kids love Baymax because he looks like a giant marshmallow. He is soft and squishy when he is not armored up for battle. His tiny robot eyes are such a simple design-that is all there is too him. Yet, it is what makes him who he is.

Since Big Hero 6 came out in movie theaters a week after Halloween, no child or adult got to dress as him for everyone’s favorite October holiday. This will not be the case for Halloween 2015, as there are several different Baymax costumes for both children and adults.

Baymax Costume for Adults

Dressing up for Halloween or for a costume party is not just for kids. Just look at all of the conventions for different kinds of fans. like those who love Star Wars or Marvel superheroes. It is a fun kind of fantasy play that allows adults to forget their troubles and stress of the real world for a while and just let loose and play. For adults, this is called Cosplay, a combination of the words “costume play”.

This Baymax costume for adults is one size fits most.

This Baymax costume for adultsfits people who are 5′ 2″ to 5′ 9″ and weighing up to 150 pounds. It is made from polyfoam.

This Baymax costume can also be used as pajamas and comes in four different sizes.

Another version of a Baymax costume for teens and adults. This one can be ordered in sizes Small through Extra Large to ensure a proper fit for you. When Halloween is over, this can be used as pajamas!

Baymax Costumes for Kids

While many children will enjoy looking at the giant white marshmallow version of Baymax, most probably be wanting to dress up in the armored up version of this character. Once Hiro enlists the help of the others who were friends of his late brother, they band together to form the superhero team known as Big Hero 6. The sixth member, of course, is Baymax. In another comedic scene, Hiro tries to fit the giant nursebot with a suit of armor, only to have it pop off within seconds.Eventually, Hiro is able to invent the now familiar red and purple costume for him and Baymax.

In the middle of August, an entire line of Big Hero 6 costumes for children and adults will be released in stores. These can be preordered now so your child is guaranteed the exact costume he wants.

This Big Hero 6 Baymax armored up costume will be available in August. It comes in different sizes.

This Baymax costume from Halloween Express comes in children’s sizes Extra Small to Large, so fans of all sizes will be able to wear one for trick or treating.

Want something fun to wear? Here is an inflatable Baymax costume! Also available from Costume Express and in an adult version as well! It comes with the inflatable suit, a fan and a separate headpiece.

Big Hero 6 Baymax costumes are going to be seen all over the neighborhood for Halloween 2015!


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