Big Hero 6 Go Go Tomago Costume Ideas

Big Hero 6 Go Go Tomago Costume Ideas

One of the criticisms Disney Studios has received over the years is it’s lack of strong, independent, female characters.  Their popular princesses, especially the ones from their classic era, always got into trouble and depended on a prince to come and save them. That main storyline began to shift in the 1991 movie Beauty and the Beast, where the protagonist, Belle, was book smart and no one understood her.

Over time, heroines like Mulan and Pocahantas debuted in the 1990’s. They were women who did not need a man to save them.  In fact, they were not princesses and actually helped save the lives of the male leads in their movies. In the 2000’s, strong female characters like Tiana from The Frog Prince and Rapunzel from Tangled became the norm. And Anna and Elsa from Frozen needed each other, not a man, to make things right.

But these were still princesses.  Where are the ordinary women doing extraordinary things?

Enter Honey Lemon and Go Go Tomago from the newest Disney film Big Hero 6.  These two women are highly intelligent scientists studying at a college called the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology.  It was nicknamed a “Nerd School” by Hiro Hamada, a boy genius who graduated high school at the age of thirteen. Hiro quickly changed his mind when he visited the school and saw his brother’s friends, both male and female, creating the most incredible scientific things.

Go Go Tomago does not say a lot, but when she does, you need to listen. She is a gum chewing, take no prisoners kind of woman who is fond of saying “Woman up” (instead of “man up”) when the going gets tough. When Wasabi No Ginger is having problems driving the car to get away from the evil Yokai and his army of microbots, Go Go gets frustrated with his lack of speed and his staying within the rules and hops onto his lap to drive the car safely away from Yokai. There was no need to ask…she just does it.  She was also very pivotal in many of the action scenes when her Big Hero 6 teammates were in dire straits.

Bottom line-don’t mess with Go Go Tomago.

Go Go is highly intelligent, and her current field of study is creating electromagnetic wheel axles. She has a pile of ones that she has rejected, as they do not go fast enough for her.  Speed is how she gets her adrenaline rush-the faster the better.

Movie goers may also notice that unlike previous Disney heroines, Go Go Tomago actually is shaped like a regular woman and not a Barbie doll of impossible proportions.

With a strong female lead like this one, many will be wanting to dress like her.  Here are some items that when put together, will make the perfect Go Go Tomago costume.  Best of all, most of these pieces can be used in your everyday wardrobe. All items are from Amazon.

Go Go Tomago Costume Ideas

This faux leather jacket is perfect for your Gogo Tomago Big Hero 6 costume.Short Faux Leather Jacket

She is tough, and nothing says tough like leather.  If you are on a budget, then this faux leather jacket is the way to go. It snaps shut with two buttons and had a side pocket.

Vikoros Women Faux Leather Zipper Biker Moto Jackets Slim Short Coat

Basic White Tee Shirtbig hero 6 go go tamgo costume

Every woman needs a good, well constructed basic white tee shirt in her wardrobe.  It can be casual paired with jeans or dressed up with a blazer and slacks. Go Go pairs her with leggings, as one needs to be comfortable when working in the science lab all day.

Dickies Juniors Solid Cap Sleeve Crew Neck Tee

Black Leggings

big hero 6 go go tomago costume leggingsLeggings have been a wardrobe staple for women since the 1980’s.  They are stretchy and comfortable, just what a woman needs when she is working on her feet or hanging out with her friends. This, too, can be easily dressed up or dressed down, depending on your mood.  They are much more attractive than sweatpants.

Danskin Women’s Ankle Legging


Black Shorts

The reason is never shared, but Go Go wears black shorts on top of her leggings.  Maybe it is for modesty, who knows, but it is a unique look. These black shorts are missing the red stripe, so you can either forgo that accent or use red duct tape to make a stripe on each side.

 Champion Women’s Absolute Workout Short

Black Wig and Purple Stripe

To finish off your look, you will need a wig that looks like Go Go Tamago’s hair. This wig is similar to hers, as it is a short and has a no nonsense sense of style,much like she does.  Add a purple chalk strip to make her look just like our favorite superhero.

This cosplay Go Go Tomago Big Hero 6 wig has her signature purple stripe.

Short Black Wig


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