Big Hero 6 Honey Lemon Costume Ideas

Big Hero 6 Honey Lemon Costume Ideas

On November 7, 2014, Disney released a brand new computer generated animated film entitled Big Hero 6. Based on a relatively unknown Marvel comic series of the same name, the characters were “Disneyfied” in their appearance to make them more friendly to family audiences. Disney is the best at marketing, and making characters that were familiar and not as edgy looking as their comic book counterpart was part of their game plan.

This is especially true in regard to the female characters.  In the Big Hero 6 comic book, they are more scantily clad, and this would not sit well with a families who have young children and who would potentially purchase merchandise based on the film.

There are two female members of the Big Hero 6 team, Honey Lemon and Go Go Tamago.  They got their nicknames from Hiro Hamada’s late brother, Tadashi, who loves to create nicknames for his friends.

Who is Honey Lemon?

Honey Lemon is a character who attends the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, a college for highly intelligent engineering and science students. She is always very fashionably dressed, not like a stereotypical scientist at all. She is tall and slender and carries herself with great pride.

Her major is chemistry, and she creates all kinds of amazing things with her molecular knowledge. In fact, when she is armored up in the superhero suit Hiro created for her, her go to accessory is her purse. It can hold just about anything and it never runs out of space.

In fact, she has all kinds of round, chemically charged items in there that help her and her fellow Big Hero 6 members when they are under fire from Yokai and his army of microbots.  She can make things that explode, things to hide her from Yokai’s microbot army, and anything else that will get her out of a jam.

Honey Lemon has a soft side as well. She tries to help and comfort Hiro after his brother dies tragically in a fire. When Baymax sends the team a message about Hiro’s distress, it is she who speaks for the group when they all show up together to give him support.

If you are attending a Big Hero 6 party or a costume party, here is how you can dress up as the latest Disney character who is not a damsel in distress princess but a brainiac who can solve her own problems and those of others as well.

Honey Lemon Costume for Girls

Here she is all armored up!

This Big Hero 6 Honey Lemon costume for girls will be a hit this year! It will be available in August.

Honey Lemon Costume from Amazon

Honey Lemon Costume Ideas

One of the great things about dressing up as Honey Lemon is that her entire costume can be used again in your everyday wardrobe! The following items are not one time expenses at all, which makes this costume both fun to wear and practical.

Yellow Dress

Honey Lemon wears yellow when she is not dressed up in her superhero gear.  Perhaps that is why she has the nickname she does!  The following yellow dressed are very similar to what she wears when donning her lab coat or just hanging out with friends at Aunt Cass’ cafe.

Women’s Yellow Square Neck Cut Out Waist Sleeveless Bodycon Cocktail Mini Dress from Amazon

Yellow Cardiganhoney lemon yellow cardigan

Her dress may be short, but Honey Lemon does show modesty.  She wears a matching yellow cardigan sweater that is longer than her dress.  She still looks professional, all while still keeping her feminine style.

This sweater is made of jersey and it also has pockets.


Cardigan Sweater from Amazon

White Footless Tights

Underneath her dress you won’t be showing your skin because Honey always has her legs covered.  These white footless tights have a beautiful lace edge at the bottom, which makes it look even more feminine than a pair of leggings.  By being footless, it can show off her pedicure, which is probably yellow as well!

ToBeInStyle Women’s Ankle Length Lace Trim Leggings – Regular – One Size – White from Amazon

The Perfect Shoes

Skechers Women’s Flirty-Laser Cut Wedge Sandal from Amazon

A scientist is on her feet fora good part of the day, but that does not stop Honey from wearing high heels.  Of course, she sports them in her signature color, and there are many different styles from which to choose.  This pair from Skechers offers both style and comfort in a stylish wedge shoe.

The Magical Purse

As mentioned before, there seems to be no end to what Honey stores in that bag of hers.  This yellow pocketbook is a winner because it has a long strap that you can place over your shoulder and not have to worry about toting it around all night.

HDE Women’s Envelope Clutch Purse Handbag (Yellow) from Amazon

Three Final Accessories to Complete Your Honey Lemon Costume

If you do not have long blonde hair like our superhero, this problem is easily solved with an inexpensive blonde wig like this one.  Be sure to purchase a wig cap as well so it sits properly on your head and does not slip.

Cosplay Inshop 28 ” Long Big Wavy Hair Heat Resistant Cosplay Wig Free Shipping (Light Blonde)  from Amazon

She keeps her long, flowing locks out of the way by wearing a yellow headband to hold it back.

GOGO Thick Solid Color Headband / Sweatband – Yellow from  Amazon

Finally, add her glasses.  They are magenta in color, so you can choose purple eyeglasses like this or get the same pair in pink. to give a stylish, yet not nerdy look to this smart superhero.

Retro Party Super Neon Color Horn Rimmed Style Eyeglasses Clear Lens Glasses (Purple) from Amazon 

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