Birthday Gift Ideas for a 60 Year Old Woman

Birthday Gift Ideas for a 60 Year Old Woman

Do you have a friend or someone in your family who will be celebrating their 60th birthday?  In the last few years I’ve known a few people who have reached this milestone age.   If you are looking for birthday gift ideas for a 60 year old woman, I have some suggestions on this page that you might find useful.

It can be hard to know what to buy a 60 year old as most people that age aren’t needing many things.  However,  it really is not that difficult to find a few fun or unique things people turning 60 would appreciate.  You can get more details about any of these items by clicking the image.

60th Birthday Flickback 1956 DVD

60th Birthday Flickback DVD

60th Birthday Flickback DVD

 Many people find it fun to  reminisce about events that took place many years ago.  This is particularly true as we get older.  This DVD set is a great way to remember events that took place the year in 1956, the birth year of the recipient.

What national and international news stories happened in 1956?  Can you name any movies that were popular at that time?  And who dominated sports that year?

 TV was still in its infancy in those days.  Comedies like  I Love Lucy and the Jack Benny Show entertained those who had TVs.

These events and topics  are all covered.  The DVD is 30 minutes long, and contains footage of events in politics, pop culture, prominent births and deaths, and other noteworthy things from 1956.

  This is an entertaining and personal  gift idea that would be appreciated by a person who was born that year.  It is something friends and family can enjoy watching as well.

Kona Hawaiian Gourmet Coffee Gift Box

Kona Hawaiian Coffee Gift Box

Does she like coffee?  If so, she will love this gourmet coffee gift box.  Hawaiian coffee is considered by some to be the best you can find anywhere in the world.   The island of Kona is particularly noted for it’s delicious, rich coffee.

This box contains five different  selections, with an assortment of different roasts.  There is enough here for 60 cups of wonderful  Hawaiian coffee.

I’ve visited Hawaii a few times, and on each trip I’ve purchased coffee to bring home so we could enjoy it  later.  It really is smooth and a great beverage  to enjoy.  This is a great birthday gift idea for a 60 year old who is a coffee lover.

Personalized Pillow

Personalized pillow

Nothing could be more personal than a gift that has the person’s name on it.  This personalized pillow could be used in any room in the house.    I love the swirly script, as well as the pink and light purple print.   The pillow itself is a dark purple.

You can customize it to your liking.  If you like the idea of a custom pillow but not this particular design or color, there are others to choose from.

The pillow is available in square and lumbar sizes.  The square is 16 by 16 and 20 by 20, so it’s a good size.  Lumbar is 13 by 21.  Lumbar pillows are especially  nice on a bed.

Gourmet Gift Basket from

Gournet Food Gift Basket

This gourmet gift basket from contains many delectable treats.  The basket contains something that is both fun and unique…….. peppermint popcorn!

It also contains cookies, fudge and biscotti.  There are 11 packages in total, all presented in a basket with a nice gold bow.  The treats contained in the package are not things you would find easily in stores. is known for it’s high quality baskets.


Bath and Body Spa Gift Basket

Bath and Body Spa Gift Basket

One thing most women like is to soak in a bath with products to pamper the body.  A bath and body spa basket is a thoughtful birthday gift for a 60 year old woman.

The gifts include a sponge, towel, back massager, body scrub, lotion and gel, an eye mask, body butter and bath salts.  It also includes tea and cream truffles and a candle.

Everything that is needed for a relaxing spa is featured in this basket.  This is a something any woman would enjoy having.  It’s nice to be able to treat ourselves once in awhile.

I hope this birthday gift ideas for a 60 year old woman page has been helpful.

Image is from Pixabay and has been altered by myself.


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