Birthday Gift Ideas For An 80 Year Old

Birthday Gift Ideas For An 80 Year Old

The 80th birthday is a milestone event.  A party in honor of the senior turning that age will be a memorable event for family and friends.  It’s certainly something  they will want to celebrate with their loved ones.

You may be wondering what to buy for someone who is turning 80 years old.  It is not easy, because seniors are often downsizing by the time they reach that age.  They will often say there is nothing that they need.

However, it is possible to find something that the senior will find useful or fun to have.   Items that are nostalgic are almost always well received.  It’s nice to look back on happy times and events from a long time ago.   Here are some birthday gift ideas for an 80 year old.

1936  Flickback DVD and Greeting Card

1936 Flickback DVD

1936 Flickback DVD

This 1936 Flickback DVD  really good gift for someone who was born that year.  The DVD recalls all the major events that took place that year, including both national and international news.

It also includes stories about what was popular on the movie screen, as well as sports, fashion  and music.  TV had not  yet been invented at this stage.   Shirley Temple was all the rage.

The DVD provides a great overview of the year and is fun for anyone in the family to watch.   It includes a card with images of the people and events that dominated that year.

80th Birthday Coffee Mug

80th Birthday Coffee Mug

80th Birthday Coffee Mug

I like the inscription on this 80th birthday coffee mug.  I think a person celebrating this milestone birthday probably would too.

The mug holds 11 ounces of coffee or tea.   It is made of ceramic and can be placed in the dishwasher or microwave.  The saying “It took 80 years to look this good” is written on both sides of the mug.  This is a nice gift idea for an 80 year old and is something useful for them too.

Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

Another birthday gift  idea for an 80 year old that is very personal and would be  appreciated is  a digitaWi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Framel photo frame.  This is a perfect gift for a grandparent to enjoy family photos and remember happy memories.

Adding new photos could not be easier once this has been set up.  You can email new images and they will automatically be uploaded.  You can also send images from Flickr, Instagram and Facebook.   Best of all, you can do this from your home or when you are on vacation.  Editing and deleting images can also be done from anywhere.

This is an easy way to send the recipient photos of a new baby, or while you are on vacation anywhere in the world.  It can receive photos from anywhere at any time.  You do need a Nixplay account in order to do this.  A standard account is free, and enables you to add images for up to five frames.

This is a fairly new product that I wish had been around a few years ago when I was looking for something to buy for my relative who was turning 80 at the time.  A regular digital photo frame is also nice, but you can’t add images remotely.   This is a great way to keep a grandparent up to date with photos even if you live thousands of miles away.  It even has a motion sensor, so it comes on when someone enters the room, and shuts off when motion is no longer detected.  It couldn’t be easier, as nothing has to be turned on in order to enjoy viewing the pictures.

Personalized Instagram Pillow

Create Your Own Instagram Pillow

How about a gift that is both useful and very personal?  This Instagram Pillow is fun to create using any images you like.

Imagine how pleased someone would be to receive a pillow with photos of grandkids  or  other family members?  You might also want to include photos from a vacation or other events that would be meaningful to the recipient.  Other possibilities include wedding photos, your own baby picture,  Christmas or Thanksgiving gatherings, or family reunions.

Then add the person’s initial to make a nice monogram and it’s ready to go.  You can leave out the monogram if you wish, but I think it makes a nice added touch.

The pillow is available in four different sizes and is made of soft material.  You can choose polyester or cotton .   This would make a lovely keepsake for someone celebrating an 80th birthday.  Also I can’t think of a gift that is   much more personal than this one would be.

Herbal Tea

Organic Herbal Fruit Teas

Organic Herbal Fruit Teas

Most seniors enjoy tea, particularly in the afternoon.  This package of herbal teas contains five different types of fruit teas.  The tea is sweetened naturally with the fruit, so no extra sugar is needed.  They also are organically grown.

The teas come in prepackaged pouches, so no measuring is necessary.  I enjoy preparing herbal tea, as it not only tastes good, but has a wonderful aroma too.

The teas are all caffeine free, so they can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Some of these  birthday gift ideas for an 80 year old  are very unique and personal, which is why I showcased them here.   Some other ideas include flowers or a plant, or some home made baking.   I think almost everyone really treasures a gift that someone made for them, whether it be baking cookies, homemade jam or whatever.  Baking from scratch isn’t very common these days.

If the person turning 80 lives in an assisted living facility  or nursing home and doesn’t want to go out, or is unable to, you should be able to have a party at the facility.  Most senior care facilities try to keep things as home like as possible for their residents. This usually includes having a celebration for the person having a birthday.  An afternoon tea with family members and some friends, whether it be at a facility or in the person’s home, is a great way to mark the event.


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  • A digital photo frame is a lovely idea and adding images to it remotely is brilliant. We bought my late mother-in-law one of these when she was in her eighties and made sure it was loaded up with family photos. She loved watching it. Shame they did not have this lovely new feature back then but it was still a great gift at the time.


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