Black and White Bath Accessories

Black and White Bath Accessories

Accent Your Bath in Black and White for a Bold and Beautiful Look

Black and white is a striking combination in any room of the home, but particularly in a bathroom. There’s something extraordinarily appealing about the stark contrast of black and white, when it’s done right.  I happen to love the drama that black and white can bring to a room.  I think I may have inherited from my mother.  She did, too.  So with me, I guess it’s a familial thing.  For you, maybe it’s a real flair for the dramatic.  Whatever it is, when you are ready to do it, you’ll want to do it right.

You can’t be timid when using this theme… bold is the order of the day!

If you already have one of those older baths that’s tiled in black or white, you’re part way there. But, even if your tile, walls, and flooring are another color, you can still change the whole look and feel by just adding carefully chosen accessories, like some of the ones shown here.

Making The First Important Choice

Start off with a single large item that you really love, and build from there. Conduct a search for just one thing that speaks loud and clear to you. That something might be a fabulous black and white shower curtain, or some other large or very bold item that fills an empty space and draws the eye. Whatever it is you choose as your starter, making it a bold choice will make the rest of your choices easier.

Why? Because by seeing that one great piece as your starting or focal point, you’ll have already narrowed down the style and feel for the coordinating items. That style might be ultra clean and modern, retro, or even slightly Victorian, but let that one special thing dictate the style of the room, and you’ll end up with a cohesive whole.

Fabulous Black and White Shower Curtains

White Tulips on Black Shower Curtain

An easy way to give an old bath a new look is to start with a great shower curtain, and go from there.  The style of the curtain can set the tone for the rest of your new accessories.  (Bath with no shower curtain?  See below for other ideas)

For those looking for a dramatic touch, the stark contrast of large white tulips on a black background make quite a statement.



Shower Head with Running Water

For the young and young at heart, this black and white graphic of a running showerhead surely will take top honors in the fun and funky category.

It’s a thick weave polyester, with a water repellent coating, and is machine washable.

(Available at

Other Bold Bath Statements in Black or White

But, what if the bath you have chosen to deck out in black an white has a shower door,? Or perhaps it’s a half bath with no tub or shower? Then, make a bold statement with another large item around which to center your design theme.

That one item might be an over sized bath mat or rug, a storage table or cabinet, a stunning artificial flower arrangement in an unusual vase, or even an eye catching wall hanging. If the latter, be sure to choose one that will tolerate the humidity from steamy showers, unless of course, it’s a half bath without a bathing facility.

Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:


Framed Photos

An easy idea that works well in a half or guest bath is a series of black and white photos. Be sure to select frames that will fit in with the style you have chosen. If you can’t find an appropriate frame style in black or white, then silver works well, especially for a modern style.



Towels in my bath

This is an easy one. You should be able to easily find the perfect towels, either on line or locally. You don’t have to stick to solids. Stripes or bold geometric patterns will add a great deal of interest.For example, shown here is one of the towel combinations that I use in one of my baths that has a mostly black an white theme.

Of course, a small pop of color doesn’t hurt, either. It just depends on what is pleasing to you. After all, it’s you who has to live with it. For instance, a solid black or large geometric black and white print bath towel hung under a lime green, lemon yellow, or fire engine red hand towel could provide just the finishing touch that’s right for you.

Bathroom Counter Accessory Sets

For your counter top, there are all manner of multi-piece sets available. Solid colored ones in either black or white are easy to find.
Another idea is to use your counter top accessories as a neutral accent, such as silver or crystal clear. For understated elegance, choose a solid silver set, perhaps in a brushed nickel finish. Clear Lucite counter top accessories also look fabulous with a black and white bath decor.

Nu Steel Triune Bathroom Set
Nu Steel Triune Bathroom Set

Bath Decor Options for Those Who Aren’t Enchanted with a Black and White Theme

I just happen to love the drama of a black and white theme.  Perhaps that’s because I come from a family in which a couple of the men were race car drivers.  I think it must remind me of the allure of the checkered flag that flies for the winner.

However, I realize that black and white is just too stark a color scheme for some folks.  I know that there can be a real comfort in a favorite color or a particular theme.  With that in mind,  here are some links to some pages that may give you ideas for a special theme.  Some of them lend themselves quite well to a certain color schemes, too.

 Other Pages about Bathroom Decor:


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  • The wall clock pictured here looks amazing. Among all that you have pictured here, this one is my favorite. I wonder whether they are available in other colors as well.

  • A good Guide though I don’t think I could handle the color choice. I do really like the sink bowl at the top I those are cool.


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