Books for Kids by Mary Russel

Books for Kids by Mary Russel

Author Mary Russel and her four published books

Mary Russel writes books for kids. When I first met Mary on line, she was writing about a horse and a llama, the first of her published books for kids.

I can still remember the excitement among her online friends when Flickertail & Paint, Barnyard Sleuths first became available at Borders and Amazon. This was BIG!  Flickertail and Paint are a Lama and a Horse whose detective stories will delight younger childten – those from about age 8 to 12.

That was in 2010, and in the meantime, she has been a very busy lady. She now has three additional books published.  Those three are for the teen and  young adult audience.  One, “Rudolf, a Child’s Love Story” draws on her own childhood experiences, and deals with acceptance.  The other two are the books one and two  in her “Scribe and Sleuth” mystery series.

She currently has two more books  kids in the works.  They, too, will be for older kids, and are mysteries.  Tentative titles are “The Steamer Trunk,” and “The Hexagon Murders.”  Both are mysteries.

Image used by special permission of Mary Russel


Flickertail and Paint, Barnyard Sleuths

For 8 to 12 Year Olds


This was Mary’s first published book.

Flickertail the llama, and Paint the horse find adventure and mystery in the barnyard in this collection of short tales, each of which is sure to bring a smile to a child’s face. It seems that this pair love to help their friends, and are very good at finding things … from lost objects to the solutions to problems.

It’s written for ages eight to twelve, but younger children would enjoy having mom, dad, or an older sibling read these endearing and sometimes humorous stories to them, too.

This globe-trotting pair demonstrates through their kindness and helpfulness that having one’s heart in the right place is a very valuable currency indeed!

You’ll often find wonderful little Flickertail and Paint vignettes, along with sneak peeks at new books on Mary’s blog, I really enjoy the posts about Flickertail and Paint, as I think most anyone would!



 The Scribe & Sleuth Series

A Wholesome Mystery Series for Young Adults

Good News!  Mary has been working on a mystery series for young adults, and the first two books are already out.  The books star detective Mike (the sleuth), writer Alice (the scribe), and Mike’s dog, Deke.

More Good News!  The books in this series are totally appropriate for youngsters.  They contain no profanity, sex, or graphic violence.  This is totally refreshing, and this author proves you don’t have to fall back on the trite to tell a good story!

In The Sleuth & Scribe Book 1:  The Cold Case, Mike, Alice, and Deke take it upon themselves to re-open a case that had been closed for forty years. In the process, some history is unearthed, too. At least, it’s history for today’s teens, but their grandparents will remember the events first hand.   CLICK  TO BUY THE SLEUTH & SCRIBE BOOK 1: THE COLD CASE NOW

Mary’s second book in this series is The Car Lot: Sleuth & Scribe Book 2.  In it, we follow the intrepid investigators a second time, as the owner of a car lot is found dead of a heart attack. Or was it?  His daughter doesn’t think so. And who had a motive?  There’s a list,  which includes even the man’s own child!   CLICK TO BUY THE CAR LOT: SLEUTH & SCRIBE BOOK 2 NOW


 Rudolph, A Child’s Love Story

Mary’s Most Touching Tale

This book ostensibly stars a ten year old girl named Becky. But it really springs from Mary’s own childhood, which was spent in an orphanage and foster care … and in doubt and uncertainty about her own identity and self worth.

Becky suddenly finds out her big brother is not her “real” brother, and her parents are not even her “real” parents. She is in foster care. It’s a hard blow, but one that begins a journey to learn an important lesson.

It’s a lesson about life, love, family, and self-acceptance, learned with the help of the title character and an older woman. Who is the woman, and who is Rudolph? You’ll need to read Rudolph, A Child’s Love Story to find out.


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All Four Books

by Mary Russel

Books for Kids by Mary Russel

Books for Kids by Mary Russel

Shown left to right:
The Car Lot
The Cold Case
Rudolph, A Child’s Love Story
Flickertail and Paint, Barnyard Sleuths

(photo used with the permission of Mary Russel, author)



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  • I love the cover she has for the Rudolph book. With so many children in foster care nowadays, it is refreshing to see an author write a children’s book that speaks directly to their unique experience.


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