Brady Bunch Girls Costumes for Women

Brady Bunch Girls Costumes for Women

For kids growing up in the early to mid 1970’s, that time period was the original TGIF on ABC. Leading off the station’s lineup was the hit program The Brady Bunch. It was very avant garde for its time, as it represented a blended American family. Divorce was on the rise during that time in American history, and there were no programs on the air that showed this new kind of family unit.

The Brady Bunch premiered in September 1969, and it was inspired by the hit Lucille Ball/Henry Fonda movie Yours, Mine and Ours.  Created by Sherman Schwartz (who also produced Gilligan’s Island), for five seasons viewers got to see a slice of life of a “typical” California suburban family. Although it became a cultural phenomenon thanks to after school reruns in the 1970’s and endless series about the family (The Brady Bunch Variety HourThe Brady Brides, to name a few), it never was a ratings blockbuster during it’s original run. At it’s peak of popularity, it was ranked #34 among the television programs that aired and was without any cable competition. Because it was so beloved by younger viewers, it remained on the air.

Every fan had their favorite Brady that they crushed on or wanted to be their big brother or big sister. Now you can dress as your favorite Brady girl for Halloween or a retro costume party.

1998 Nick at Night Promo

Marcia Brady Halloween Costume

It’s a Sunshine Day!

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! The oldest Brady daughter seemed to have it all. She transformed form a braces wearing girl with moles on her face to the blonde goddess boys chased after and her sister Jan envied. Everything seemed to come easy for Marcia.

And as President of the Fillmore Junior High Davy Jones Fan Club, she even got a date with Davy for the prom! And she got to kiss him! How lucky can a girl get?

Here is a little known fact-Maureen McCormick was originally assigned to play Jan, but producer Sherwood Schwartz changed his mid when he made the other Brady children younger.

Marcia Brady Sunshine Day costume- a fun idea for your Halloween costume!

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This similar to one she wore while performing on one of the many talent shows on which they appeared.  It looks ultra cool with the bright yellow shirt and flared bottom pants.  The gold fringe makes it groovy!

Jan Brady Costume

She suffered from poor middle child syndrome!

Jan suffered from being in the middle of the family (something Peter never really felt). She felt like she was constantly compared to her All-American big sister who succeeded at everything she tried, and she was not as cute and adorable as her lisping little sister, Cindy. In fact, very few episodes of the program centered around her, and when they did, they were not very uplifting.

In one Jan-centric episode, she decides to shed her blonde looks for a black, curly wig. What was she thinking!

Again, with her self-esteem in the pits because she has to wear glasses, she refuses to wear them to the library on a study date with a boy.

And of course, who could forget her trying to wash her freckles away with a lemon?

Interestingly enough, although on the program Jan was jealous of Marcia, in real life, Maureen McCormick was jealous of Eve Plumb!  Apparently, Eve developed her curves before Mo did and she liked to flaunt them in front of her.

Jan Brady Halloween costume for women

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You can elevate Jan to a whole new level when you dress up like her for Halloween.  It is a floral mini skirt with a matching purple shirt.  This costume also comes with glasses.

Cindy Brady Halloween Costume

The youngest one in curls!

The littlest Brady was Cindy. She wore pigtails, lisped, played guitar in The Brady Kids animated television series, and was a very big tattletale. She really wanted to be like her big sisters, and so she snooped to find out their business. She and Bobby always tried to get noticed, so they did things like try to set a teeter-totter record so they can do something that the big kids had not done.

Perhaps the most beautiful thing Cindy ever did was give up her role in the school play because she could only have one ticket (seriously, what kind of a school did they attend?  Can you imagine that happening today?)

Dressing up as Cindy, whether you wear your hair in a curly wig or the braids she ported as a tween, will bring a smile to everyone’s face.  Who doesn’t love the Brady Bunch?

Cindy Brady Halloween costume for adults

Costume and Wig Available on Amazon

As a little girl, Cindy’s dresses were even shorter than big sister Marcia’s! This baby doll dress is pink gingham with a white yoke and ribbon around the neck. The wig is sold separately.

One of America’s favorite television families is also a popular Halloween costume.  Why not dress up as one of the Brady girls this year!

Alice Nelson Costume

While she was not an official Brady in name, she was the hub of the entire family. Alice, who eventually married Sam the butcher, did everything that was needed to keep the Brady family fed and clothed. She even got to accompany them on vacation! This underrated character is one that you can dress for Halloween.

You can dress as Alice Nelson from The Brady Bunch this Halloween.

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