Chocolate Shot Glasses An Edible Dessert Shooter

Chocolate Shot Glasses An Edible Dessert Shooter

After a big meal, everybody wants a little something sweet to finish it off. Traditional desserts, like a slice of cake or pie, are often cut too large, and despite being full, most people will eat the entire piece! Then comes the guilt and that overstuffed feeling.

Enter dessert shooters-the hottest craze in desserts to come along in years. These tiny confections,which are placed in a shot glass that is between 2 to 5 ounces, satisfy the need for something sweet, yet will not make you feel like you do not want to eat for the next month. There are several kinds of dessert shooter glasses – disposable plastic ones or reusable shots made of glass.

But another delicious option is the edible chocolate shooter cup. This dessert is easy to make, serve, and guests will enjoy eating it!

Why Use an Edible Chocolate Dessert Cup?

Chocolate cups are mini dessert “glasses” you can eat! While there are many pretty shot glasses on the market to serve your sweet treats, do you really need another thing to store in your kitchen cabinets? If you want to create an platter of mini desserts for your next party, how many glasses will you have to buy and store? After the party, you will have to wash all of those tiny glasses, one more thing to do!

Disposable plastic shot glasses do come in pretty colors, and you can just throw them away at the end of the evening. But if you are trying to be “green”, using them is not environmentally friendly.

Edible chocolate dessert shooters can be filled with a variety of different things. You can create a lot of desserts with very little effort.

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Create an Easy and Amazing Dessert for Anniversaries, Birthdays or Any Romantic Occasion

When it is a special occasion, many desserts revolve around a fun party theme. How about a decadent, yet easy dessert for you and your loved one? Fill an edible chocolate cup with strawberry mousse.

This easy to make mix comes in a three pack and is all natural. You will not find anything artificial in it, just sweetness! Top with freshly sliced strawberries or chocolate shavings and you have a delicious, decadent, and memorable dessert.

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 Strawberries and chocolate go hand in hand. It is a natural combination of yummy goodness!

Decadent Chocolate Desssert Shooter Cups – No Clean Up Requried

Using a premade chocolate shooter cup makes serving dessert shooters even easier. All you have to do is fill the cup with something sweet and creamy-mousse, pudding, or whipped cream. Top them off with sprinkles or crushed nuts and chocolate. No messy little cups to clean up after the party is over!


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Make Your Own Chocolate Dessert Cups

For those of you who love to be a “Sweet Genius” in the kitchen, you can make your own chocolate dessert cups. All you need are the molds and melting chocolate. You can make a rainbow of colors or create an elegant theme based on your favorite hues. The choices are endless!

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 Making these mini dessert shooter cups is a fun family activity to do on a rainy day or a cold winter afternoon. Kids will enjoy being in the kitchen with their favorite adult and chocolate!

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