Choosing the Perfect Flooring for a Spa Bathroom

Choosing the Perfect Flooring for a Spa Bathroom

When you are looking to create the perfect luxury bathroom, you cannot go wrong with a spa inspired bathroom. Whether you are looking to create the ultimate in en-suite bathrooms for the master bedroom or a fantastic family bathroom then the key to a spa bathroom is having an eye for detail, colour and texture. This is one of those instances where paying that little extra can certainly pay off.

What defines a spa bathroom?

When it comes to spa bathrooms’ people think of clean lines, neutral but contrasting colours and of course elegant fixtures and fittings, like free standing baths and counter top basins with simple elegant taps. Walk in showers with frame free glass are also a big feature. The emphasis is on elegant and understated. Different lighting sources are also a feature, allowing to bathrooms’ occupant to alter the lighting depending on their mood. These are clutter free spaces where the storage is either hidden away or incorporated into the design on the room with the clever use of open storage and complimentary storage solutions such as baskets. Above all they are of course an elegant tranquil place to relax and unwind.


There are so many different types of flooring on the market but when it comes to a spa bathroom, or any bathroom for that matter, it is very important to choose the right type. You should consider not only the colour of the tiles but also the design, the texture and the material all of which will have a major impact on the overall look of your bathroom.

When it comes to the various different types of tiles available it is also worth considering the practicality of the ones you are interested in. Are they easy to clean? Do they need sealing once fitted? And if so will they need resealing in the future to keep them looking at their best? Most importantly you need to make sure that the tiles you are looking at for your floor are specifically designed for floors because wet tiles can be very slippery which could be dangerous in a bathroom.

There are some companies that make tiles that are suitable for both walls and floors; a great feature in any spa bathroom where clever use of tiles can help create the illusion that the space is much bigger than it really is. Why not take a look at the stunning Versace range available at Décor Tiles & Floors their elegant Palace Stone range incorporates a more natural stone effect tile which is available in both floor and wall tiles and perfect for those people who prefer a neutral colour palate.

Whichever type of tiles you do choose for the flooring in your spa bathroom it is important to have it fitted by a professional because they will have the experience to not only fit it properly but also pay attention to the little details which can make all the difference to the look and finish of your room.

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