Best Christmas Gifts for 6 Year Old Girls

Best Christmas Gifts for 6 Year Old Girls

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas so I thought I’d better start thinking about ideas for great Christmas goodies for my 6 year old girl. It’s really the one time of year where we like to make it an exciting and magical time – and that doesn’t necessarily mean having to spend copious amounts of money although, of course, as parents you try to do your best to come up with something that she will really love. And with grandparents, aunts, uncles, family and friends constantly looking for advice on what to buy, I thought I’d share my favorite Gifts for Girls aged Six that will suit a wide range of budgets.

At this stage she’s fast becoming aware of her own identity and is striving to be more independent day by day. She likes dressing up (but not in what Mom wants her to wear!) and she likes experimenting with nail polish, the odd bit of make-up, costume jewelry and cute hair accessories. She’s trying very hard to be a grown up though has a long way to go yet! Here’s what I know she’d like to ask for on her list to Santa this year.

Girls who love horses could really enjoy this fun Lego Heartlake Stables set that comes with a barn, two stables, horses, jumps and lots of accessories.

Get this Lego Heartlake Stables Horse Themed Set

Most definitely Lego! She’s really got into playing with the standard-sized bricks over the last year and it’s always the first thing that she wants to play with when she visits Nanny and Grandad who have a massive plastic tub filled to the brim with it. This year she helped me to build my large Hobbit Lego Home by following step-by-step instructions and she had lots of fun making up mini constructions of her own.

Girls can practice riding and jumping with the Heartlake Stables Lego set that I think has plenty on offer for kids who love horses.

There are lots of fantastic themed boxes to buy but this really cute Heartlake Stables set stood out because, like many young girls, mine loves horses. This set has a lot of play value with 2 horses to care for with lots of brushes and cleaning equipment, practice riding with using the supplied jumps, enter for competitions with ribbons to adorn the ponies with and feed with carrots. Then, once the horses have had enough for one day, take them off to their stables to sleep.

I know my daughter would love this particular toy and it is happily one we can afford too so I’ve popped it onto my Amazon wishlist. Any six year old who even remotely likes horses would fall in love with this one!

A fun fantasy Barbie doll mermaid who changes color when she gets wet. This makes for a cute bath toy for girls to enjoy.

Barbie Color Magic Mermaid Toy

My daughter likes to play with Barbies and other similar sized fashion dolls but this Color Magic Mermaid has an added bonus because it also doubles up as a toy that can be used in the bath or outside in the pool or water table during warmer weather. This is a beautiful looking doll with an elaborate tail piece which bends at the knees and ankles as well as spins round at the fin so she can sit down or take on a natural appearance of swimming through the water. The multi-colored hair is just made for styling.

The mermaid’s hair and her tail will change into different color combinations depending on the temperature of the water and if the water is warm or icy cold. That gives a number of fun water play options. Included in the box is a seahorse squirting toy as well. I think the Magic Mermaid Barbie would make a great play toy for the bath and for using outdoors in the summer months. And the doll really looks gorgeous too as a gift for Christmas.

Kids can enjoy making favorite pets and animals out with this complete fused Perler bead craft set which comes with 5000 beads and 5 shaped pegboards.

Pet Parade Perler Bead Set

There are many more great gift items than you might think at a lower price range. I really liked this Pet Parade set as soon as I saw it because my daughter enjoys her Perler bead crafts already but this package would give her 5000 different colored beads of her own to use (instead of using what’s in her Mom’s stash) and also 5 really cute shaped boards which allows her to easily make up animal shapes by adding the beads on top.

A Perler Bead Heart Magnet made by my daughter when she was 5. She was very proud of this one.

For a child who has never done any Perler beading, this is a really fun set to start with and it includes everything that is needed apart from an iron which an adult needs to use in order to set or fuse the beads together once a pattern is complete.

That is perhaps the one small downside to this craft which is that an adult has to finish it off. However, that’s a small price to pay for being able to make fun plastic creations which can be turned into magnets, jewelry, keychains, decorations, photo frames and more.

This is a heart pattern that my little girl made using a shaped heart pegboard – having a shaped board gives her free rein to add on the exact color beads that she wants to and that was completely her own design with no help from Mom. She will sit still for ages working with these beads although I like them on a tray to contain any stray ones!

New generation electronic Furby which I know my daughter wants for Christmas.

Polka Dots Furby Toy

Let me first point out that this would not be my choice of gift at all. Personally I think these Furby toys are a bit over-hyped. However, my 6 year old thinks very differently to me and I know she’d be thrilled to get one. She saw another little girl carrying a Furby while we were on vacation and then she was hooked. It speaks, it ‘dances’ and it looks cute – you can see the appeal to young kids.

Admittedly if you watch the video explaining the features of this Electronic Furby Plush on Amazon, you might be just a little bit impressed. There’s also free app that goes along with this toy and kids can care for the eggs of this creature and get them to hatch. It’s not my choice of a present for Christmas but then it’s not for me.


This is the dollhouse that we bought last year for our daughter and it was exactly the right choice as a house that is big enough for her Barbie and fashion dolls and taller than she is at 6.

Buy this Savannah Fashion/Barbie Doll Size Dollhouse

Last Christmas we bought this doll house made by KidKraft. You have to assemble it yourself and you need to leave plenty of time before Christmas to do this because it could take a couple of hours or so depending how good you are with following instructions and DIY tasks. I would also recommend doing this in plenty of time before the date just in case anything is broken or missing – this is rare and it didn’t happen to us but there is always the chance so better to put it together early if you can. The time spent making this was well worth it because we think it is a brilliant value doll’s house and it is huge – it towers well over my 6 year old’s head!

The great thing about this Savannah Doll’s House is that it works with Barbie and other similar sized fashion dolls. And that is the main bonus of it since my daughter can easily use the dolls that she already has in the home. There are 4 floors though the top floor is a nursery and only really works with the smaller dolls like Barbie babies. But it comes with furniture already which is great especially if she doesn’t already have much furniture and our favorite bit are the little outdoor porches and one with a swinging seat which is very cute. The frame is wooden but some of the walls and floors are a thick printed cardboard. We found it all to be high quality and it is holding up after many months of having lots of children come to play with it! Obviously she doesn’t need another house but as we’re not personally going to spend that much this Christmas, I thought I’d recommend it as well worth a look for people who are spending at this price range.

Other Ideas to Choose From:

LEGO Friends Heartlake High School
LEGO Friends Olivia’s Tree House
LEGO Bricks and More Pink Brick Box
LEGO Friends Dolphin Cruiser
LEGO Friends Summer Riding Camp
Playmobil Family Motorhome
Playmobil Country Pony Stable
Barbie Dreamhouse
Barbie Flower ‘N Flutter Fairy Doll
Barbie Pop-Up Camper Vehicle
A Madame Alexander 18″ Doll (Try the Elsa Frozen Doll)
8″ Doll Bunk Bed or Furniture for American Dolls
Pony Royale Princess Sunburst Pony
Fashion Headbands Creativity Set
Shrinky Dinks Fairy Garden
Perler Beads Sunny Days Activity Bucket
Sticky Mosaics Pretty Cards
Monopoly Junior Party
Toy Story Collection Talking Sheriff Woody
An Educational World Globe
The Magic School Bus – Chemistry Lab
Educational Insights GeoSafari Wonder World
Casio Keyboard
A Scooter

I hope you find just the right choice of gift for this age group. Here’s my little girl visiting Santa. We need to remember to put out some reindeer food for his stop-over this year.


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