Christmas Owls

Christmas Owls

Christmas Owls Or Why Owls Make A Great Decoration For Christmas

Slide over Santa! ‘Tis also the season for the owl. If you don’t believe me just take a look around and you will see how owls are making their mark as part of the Christmas theme. Found as dangling ornaments, on printed wrapping paper, and even atop trees where they are no doubt most comfortable, the wise old owl is here to stay.

If you’re wondering what all the hoot’n and holler’n is about – sorry for hoot’n, we couldn’t help ourselves – you may be surprised to know that the owl marks incredible symbolism, especially during the holiday season. Viewed as a protector against harm by some, and an emblem of wisdom by others, the owl is more commonly known for being a creature of the night.

Such nocturnal creatures are noted throughout history for their intuition, inner-knowing, and psychic ability. Aside from being very intuitive and smart, the beautiful and trendy Christmas owl also has Christian symbolism. The Romans and Greeks often included emblems of the owl to represent mourning and desolation, while the Greco-Roman currency included the owl as a symbol of status, intelligence and of course, wealth.

The Celtic, Egyptians, and Hindu cultures used the symbolic owl for guardianship and keeper of spirits. Many people today still believe that if you have been visited by an owl, an incredible gift has been bestowed upon you.

Since Christmas for many, is part of an old world celebration, it only makes sense that the wise old owl be invited to the annual celebration. Dating back to old world history himself, the owl has been around long enough to provide words of advice for children in the form of stories and rhymes, as well as tall tales of wisdom and ill omen for adults.

Use owls to decorate with this holiday season by placing them inside your Christmas tree or around your home. They will add an element of wisdom, history, and class. To include owls in your next Christmas theme, just look in the old world section of any store and you will find all the wisdom you can manage, all the history you will want, and the cuteness you can handle.

Just to get you started, here’s a few favorites Christmas Owls:

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