Christmas Tree Makeovers

Christmas Tree Makeovers

Many families love the idea of tradition and, consequently, put up the same Christmas tree each and every year. Perhaps they add an ornament or two, but essentially the decorated tree remains the same. For people that are dreaming of a new look for their tree or, perhaps, want to add second or third decorated trees to their home, consider some of the following tree makeover and decorating ideas that will enhance your holiday décor and complement your holiday celebrations! Christmas trees can be anything you want!

Christmas Tree Makeover

Small beach themed Christmas tree @Shutterstock

Under the Sea

Perhaps you live near the sea or are just prone to dreaming of sandy beaches! Consider a tree filled with strands of seaweed-colored garland, seashell ornaments, and beach-themed baubles. Ornaments of mermaids, buried treasure chests, surf boards, and starfish will make a fun-filled theme for your tree. If you’re crafty, consider purchasing some large faux pearls to make into ornaments for your tree too! Other sea-themed ideas include silver scales, fish, boats, ships, flip-flops, and sand castles. You can also pair the classic Christmas tree with a piece of decorated coral!

Visions of Sugar Plums

Creating a bountiful holiday tree is a lovely way to showcase an abundance of fruits. You can purchase glistening fruit ornaments or make them yourself by making your own faux sugar plums, apples, and nectarines. You can even make your own pomander ornaments by sticking whole cloves into an orange. You’ll enjoy this food themed tree that will be fun to fill with all sorts of fruit-inspired ornaments.

The Princess Tree

If you love pink or have a daughter who dreams of being a princess, consider a pink princess theme filled with sparkling ornaments fit for royalty. Ornaments to consider include pink glass shapes, rhinestone tiaras, castles, jewels, glass slippers, satin gloves, and other princess-inspired ornaments. Also consider your adding ornaments depicting your favorite princess. Pink is not your cup of tea? How about a Frozen inspired tree, many Frozen ornaments are available online.


Rover’s Tree

Consider a dog-themed tree in honor of your favorite canine! Little doghouses, puppies, dogs, and, of course, bones will make for a special tree that will be a big hit with all dog lovers that visit your home. You can do something similar for cats or birds if you want to try another animal themed tree! You can even make a cool menagerie-like tree filled with animals from all over the world! This would be a great tree to put together with children.

Santa’s Toys

Mini toy ornaments can be found throughout the Christmas season to decorate your tree. From tiny tricycles to spinning tops, this classic theme is adorable. You can even make your own ornaments with small vintage toys made over with a Christmas touch! There are many thematic ornaments available online.

Candy Treats

Candy and pastry ornaments are truly some of the cutest! Cupcakes, taffy, and ice cream cones abound! You can typically find a wide assortment of candy ornaments wherever ornaments are sold. And don’t forget the candy canes (the edible ones of course!). Make a few candy cane sleigh, they’ll be a hit with kids and parents. Easy to make too, see here for inspiration: Candy Cane Sleigh ideas

Candy Cane Sleigh by John AM Nueva on Flickr under CC 2.0

Candy Cane Sleigh by
John AM Nueva on Flickr under CC 2.0


A tree makeover can be fun for your whole family. Part of the fun is simply collecting ornaments in accordance with your theme. You can purchase ornaments online or even from auction sites. If you enjoy crafts, the craft stores boast a myriad of supplies to help you exact nearly any theme you like! Make this year a made-over holiday just for fun—just for an exciting change of pace!


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  • It’s amazing what you can do with Christmas trees these days, and they don’t have to be just for Christmas any more. A friend has a lot of collectibles, and she has trees in different rooms of the house that are up all year and have different themes. The whole kitchen has a Wyle E. Coyote theme, while one of the bedrooms is Gone With The Wind.


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