Cinco de Mayo Postage Stamps for Your Fiesta

Cinco de Mayo Postage Stamps for Your Fiesta

On May 5th, 1862, the Mexican army, which was led by General Ignacio Zaragoza, defeated Napolean’s much larger and better equipped French army during the Battle of Puebla.  They were waged in battle because in 1861, Mexico declared that it could not pay back the money it had borrowed from Spain, England and France. This did not please any of these countries, as a debt must be repaid in one form or another.

While the other countries had eventually negotiated with Mexican leaders and withdrew from any engagements, France preserved, conquering the Mexican cities it invaded one at a time.  It took over five years for the French to finally leave the country, but the early victory at Puebla was a light for the people who had been under attack.  Conquering the massive French army, even just once, was a feat that was a cause for celebration!

In Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is a day full of parades, speeches and much celebration, especially in the city of Puebla, the site of the battle.  However, this holiday is secondary to Mexican Independence Day, which is September 16th.

In America, a place with a diverse population including many of Mexican heritage in the Western and Southwestern parts of the country, this holiday is also recognized and celebrated.  Cities with a large Mexican population have their own parades and festivities in honor of the day.

Many other people who are not of Mexican origin also enjoy having big fiestas of their own to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Everybody loves a reason to party…think of Saint Patrick’s Day when everybody is Irish, even just for the day.

Planning Your Fiesta

If you are planning a Mexican fiesta to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, there are many details to plan.  Are you cooking the food, having everyone bring a dish or having it catered?  No matter what you choose, there is a menu to plan and plenty of things to shop for, including paper goods, drinkware and decorations.

As the host, you have to pick the date and time. Should it be on Friday night after work or on a Saturday in the late afternoon or at night?

Then you need to decide if your invitations are going to be sent electronically via email or a private Facebook inbox message or the old fashioned way-in the mail.

If you choose to invite your guests via snail mail, there are invitations and postage to buy.  One fun way to get the party going is to put Cinco de Mayo postage stamps on the envelope.  Everyone who receives theirs will know exactly what is inside from looking at the colorful postage stamp!

Here are just a few colorful choices for Cinco de Mayo postage stamps.

Cinco De Mayo Postage
Cinco De Mayo Postage by azbassetrescue
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Cinco de Mayo Postage Stamp
Cinco de Mayo Postage Stamp by MugsandMore
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