Cinderella Inspired Prom Dresses

Cinderella Inspired Prom Dresses

The Senior Prom is one of the most anticipated events in a teenager’s final year of high school.  By the time the prom has rolled around, the SAT’s are finished, college acceptances and rejections have already arrived, helping to shape what happens next.  The final event before graduation day is the prom, a night of fun, dancing, and if one is lucky, romance.

The History of the Prom

Proms, which were once known as “promenades”, began in the 1800’s at the elite universities in the Northeastern United States. These socials were based on the upper class’ debutante balls, where a young woman made her debut to society. Promenades were exclusively for those who were Seniors and had plenty of adults there to make sure that young men and women behaved themselves accordingly.

Throughout the pre-World War II days, proms were simple affairs held in high school gyms. During the booming post war economy and the emerging middle class, these events were moved to more luxurious venues like hotels or popular tourist sites near larger cities. Simple dresses and suits and driving in Dad’s Cadillac morphed into buying expensive ball gowns, renting tuxedos and hiring a limousine for the night.

Prom Gowns

It is not necessary to spend a fortune on a dress in a department store or specialty shop.  You can order your prom dress online and get exactly what you want in the price range that fits your budget.

The most important thing to do when you order a dress online is to take your measurements-and be truthful about them. It is fine if you wish to lose a few pounds before the big night, but in order to buy a prom dress that will actually fit you properly with the body you have now, it is necessary to order the dress with your present day measurements. Alterations can be done at a later date if they are required to have the dress fit better.

It is best to have another person do this so the soft tape measure lies flat.

Before you order your prom dress online, you need to have the correct bust measurement, hip measurement and your natural waist.

Once these have been recorded, then it is time to shop!

Much like the popular fairy tale Cinderella, which is being released by Disney this spring, a young woman desires to transform herself from a “plain Jane” into a gorgeous princess. Many of this year’s prom dresses will have the look of Cinderella 2015’s ball gown.

Here are some of the choices available right now.

Cinderella 2015 Inspired Prom Dresses

The gown worn in Disney’s newest version of the classic Grimm fairy tale is an off the shoulder number in a gorgeous shade of blue. This off the should dress is available in many different sizes. It has a lace up back and butterfly accents.

Cinderella 015 inspired prom dress comes in many different sizes and is at an affordable price.

This dress can be found here on Amazon.

With a sequined bodice and a full length tulle gown that also has it’s own bling, you will be the belle of the ball in this dress.

Fashion Plaza A-line Illusion Neck Formal Evening Dress  from Amazon

This dress is on sale at over half the original price. The bodice has a white lace overlay and has a built in bra, so there is no need to buy a new foundation garment. It is lined and has a zipper enclosure.

Cinderella prom dress

Melantha Sweetheart Bridesmaid Prom Dresses  from Amazon

This prom dress is available in plus size as well as junior size. It has a sequined bodice and accent around the waist and then drapes into a long gown of tulle accented with blue sequins.

These Cinderella 2015 inspired prom dresses will help bring out your inner princess!


Brief History-The Prom

The History of Prom

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