Classy Vase Centerpiece Ideas

Classy Vase Centerpiece Ideas

The most promising function of vases concern their use as a container for floral arrangements and also as table top centerpieces. In medieval times they were also used to carry fluids because they functioned as jugs and pitchers for storing water. Here are some stylish vase centerpiece ideas that will throw a splash of color into your home.

Vases are a natural home to cut flowers and foliage. Anything can go in these lovely classic vases of bronze, porcelain, glass or metal. Wooden sculpted versions can look amazing too. Mildly fragrant roses and orchids, fragile and delicate flowers, sturdy cherry twigs, prickly cactus and succulent plants – they can all look awesome placed in vases both modern or antique. Floral arrangements in these vessels make them look rather exotic and spectacular.

Jozefina Atelier Eclipse Marble Vase in Red

Jozefina Atelier Eclipse Marble Vase in Red

Types of Vases

Vases come in colorful choices and diverse geometric shapes and forms. They can look awesome either way. Cylindrical, spherical, tall and oblong – they can all gel beautifully with home decor and aesthetics. Regardless of how many shapes and materials that they are made of, they serve a common purpose which is that of adorning the room, table or floor even. If you have flowers to arrange it is all well and good. However, many of these pieces can look stunning on their own.

The main purpose for these decorative collectibles are driven by generic trends in interior decorations. You can see the trend for both vintage and contemporary designs driven by the needs of total eclecticism on the part of individuals and their personal preferences.

Choosing the Right Flower Arrangement

To get the perfect stylish look, flowers should to be arranged in matching vases. Small arrangements of flowers, big bouquets and single buds and blooms can look amazing in vases. Whether you want to achieve an artistic or a dramatic effect, the interplay of flowers with an appropriate container is essential. A terrible bouquet will make the vase appear dull too.

Settings with Vases

These centerpieces need not stand alone, the settings can be enhanced with the presence of small pebbles and pristine white sand that replicates the feel of the beach. You can even use decorative soaps and salts to create a more innovative design. You can use lights carefully to reflect your mood. Different colors of lights showcase vases in a totally different light and you can use candelabras, lanterns, lamps and votives to augment the beauty of them.

Glass Pieces

You can never fall short of glass centerpieces as decor ideas. You can find ample varieties of these ranging from the mercury glass vase, stained glass, crystal, hand blown and colored. Waterford crystal is an artistic endeavor from Ireland’s finest twentieth century artisans who have made elegant designs.

Abstract designs of glass versions in warm tones of red and fiery orange are a craze in modern households. Each glass vase is unique and you will not find two patterns that are alike. Glass can reflect and refract light so you can achieve a colorful rainbow effect when it is directly placed in the direction of the suns rays.

Benzara Metal Vase Set

Benzara Metal Vase, A Refreshing Table Decor, Set of 3

Metal Containers

Metals such as iron and bronze were not only used in kitchenware, they surpassed many materials in the field of artistic design. High quality can be achieved with cold cast bronze artwork with an antique finish; they can look stunning in hand painted designs. Bronze tends to look stylish and chic with golden hues.

Iron and bronze metals are more affordable, malleable and thus a good choice for artists. Strong and robust, these metal vases can withstand more extreme conditions. Polishing them from time to time will ensure that their brilliance is retained.

Wood Sculpted Decorative Vases

Wood versions made of birch wood, bamboo and rose wood are quite common. Other woods are also used to make art and sculptural pieces. Wood is easily available and can withstand weather for a time with appropriate treatments. Wood as a decorative element has a natural charm. Wooden pieces can look rather rustic and  uplift the ambiance with or without flowers arranged inside.

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