Cute Kids Rain Boots

Cute Kids Rain Boots

Kids Rain Boots come in the cutest patterns!! Jumping in puddles is so much fun when kids have stylish rain boots.

When I was young, everyone had the same cheap plastic rain boots. If you were lucky, they might be red or blue instead of ugly gray. You put them on OVER your shoes, and they fastened with a cheap elastic band. The plastic was thin and ripped easily. And your Mom called them galoshes or rubbers.  They were strictly functional.  There wasn’t anything cute about them.

Photo by woodleywonderworks, on Flickr

Today they make kids rain boots in bright colors, with lots of fun prints, and great details. Farmer Jack boots from Hatley Kids are so popular. They are covered with tractors and cute as can be.  If your kids (yes, I know some girls who would love these too!) love to help on the farm, these would make a great addition to their wardrobe.

Farmer Jack boots with tractors are a popular choice for kids rain boots.

There are kid’s boots with cartoon characters on them like Hello Kitty and Thomas the Tank Engine. Some boots from Western Chief have eyes and ears to look like frogs.  Others are replicas of real firefighter boots.  There are butterflies and polka dots for little girls.  Kids rain boots are so cute that kids WANT to wear them, even when it’s not raining. They are made for walking in the mud and muck, and what a stylish way to do it!

Kids rain boots are also quite durable.  With textured rubber soles to guard against falls and reinforced pull straps, today’s boots are made to withstand the activities of rough and tumble boys and girls. Mid and higher grades are made with thick rubber materials, preventing leaks, and the more expensive brands are lined and insulated for cold weather activities.

Kids love colorful rain boots, and enjoying wearing them for lots of occasions.  They don’t care if it’s raining or not.  Here is a list of times when the kids can get to wear their cherished boots.

  1. Playing in the mud on rainy days
  2. A trip to the farm
  3. Working in the garden
  4. Going fishing
  5. Helping with yard work
  6. Part of a Halloween Costume
  7. In the Snow. If the rain boots aren’t lined, you can buy insulated liners to keep the kids feet warm.

I’m sure if you buy your favorite kiddo a pair of fun rain boots, they will love them and want to wear them right away.  Don’t be surprised if they want to wear them on sunny days too!


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