Cute Thanksgiving Outfits for Girls

Cute Thanksgiving Outfits for Girls

One of the greatest joys for many people is buying clothing for their little ones.  If you have ever visited the clothing department for babies, toddlers and children up to size 6X, you will find many smiling faces and voices saying, “Ooh,” and “Ahh” over the myriad of choices in front of them.

Personally, I miss the days when my three children would wear anything I bought for them.  Designer labels did not matter, it was all about being cute. I bought each one a special outfit for every family occasion, including Thanksgiving.  Matching the three of them up was sometimes a challenge due to the 7.5 year age gap, but until they got to a certain age, it was something I adored doing and they cooperated with me.

What to Look for When Selecting Children’s Clothing

There are different requirements in children’s clothing depending on the age of the child.  For babies, there should be nothing that can be chocked on, like small buttons, sequins, loose appliqués, ribbon or glitter.  They are going to look cute no matter what they wear, but it should also be easy for mom or dad to put on and take off.  Most importantly, it needs to be easy to change a diaper, which will happen every two hours.  If an outfit does not fit right on the bottom, it will be a very frustrating experience for everyone.

For toddlers who are still wearing diapers, outfits should be easy to put on as they typically do not stay still for long.  Be aware of necks openings that are too small and pants that are difficult to button.  These will lead to a tug of war when you are getting dressed and undressed.

Children who are three and over are typically in the early stages of potty training. For them, clothing should be easy to pull up and down in an instant, as anyone who is familiar with children this age knows that they do not want to stop what they are doing and will wait until the last second to use the bathroom.  This can lead to a disaster, especially if you do not have another cute Thanksgiving outfit to change her into.

By the age of four, children are bathroom independent.  Again, buying clothing for them that is easy to put on by themselves and to use alone in the bathroom is important.  Comfort is also key, and they will be the first to tell you if they are feeling uncomfortable.

Thanksgiving Outfits for Girls

Dressing up your little princess is one of the joys of having a little girl.  Here are some adorable outfits that are sure to make a hit on turkey day. Click on each image to see the specific details of each.

This adorable outfit is so cute for your daughter to wear this Thanksgiving.

AnnLoren Girls – Boutique Autumn Mutlicolored Turkey Shirt Outfit comes in sizes 12-18 months to size 9/10 

What an adorable Bonnie jean Thanksgiving outfit for girls! It comes in several different sizes.


Bonnie Jean Little Girls Thanksgiving Brown Ribbon Turkey Legging Set comes in both infant and toddler sizes.


Thanksgiving outfit for girls

Available on Amazon

Adorable Accessories

Complete the Thanksgiving ensemble with adorable themed accessories!

Thanksgiving turkey hair clip for girls

Hair Bow from Amazon



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