Dairy Free Easter Eggs for Children and Adults in the UK

Dairy Free Easter Eggs for Children and Adults in the UK

As Easter approaches, are you asking yourself “Where can I buy dairy free Easter eggs for my children?” or “Where can I get lactose free Easter eggs for the kids?” If so, you are among a sizeable section of the population whose children have difficulties digesting products that contain milk. You may even have those issues yourself. Perhaps you had to forgo treats such as chocolate as a child because they made you ill.

Well, don’t despair. There is a growing recognition of your needs. A number of companies now make dairy free chocolate, and cater for the Easter season with Easter eggs and Easter bunnies. Some of these products are stocked by well-known supermarkets and health stores, but if you don’t happen to live near one, you can get them online. So your children can still have the fun of eating Easter confectionery. And so can you.

This article concentrates on the UK because there are a lot of companies producing dairy free and even gluten free Easter confectionery in the UK.  You can find it at the health food chain Holland and Barrett, as well as at Waitrose and some other supermarkets. And Amazon UK has a selection, as indicated below.

There are a few items on the US Amazon site, but they are currently available from only one company so it is not hard to find them.

Why Not Try a Taster?

Mini Moos Bar and Choices Bunny

Mini Moos Bar and Choices Bunny

You can get small and reasonably priced small chocolate bars or chocolate bunnies from some of the companies who offer full sized eggs, and those can be good treats. Also, you could give one of these to your child to try before Easter, to save yourself the expense of buying an egg which they might not like.

The Mini Moos is a thin bar, good for a small treat. The Choices bunny is thicker chocolate, so it is more substantial to sink your teeth into. This is reflected in the price difference, as the Mini Moos retail for around 79 pence each, whereas the Choices bunny can be up to £1.95.  As ‘milk’ chocolate, they are pretty good, with a proper chocolate ‘mouth feel’ sensation, and I don’t think they could be told apart from ‘real’ milk chocolate if the wrapper was off, although the chocolate is pretty sweet, probably because it caters for child tastes.   Both companies do a white chocolate version also.

The bars and Easter eggs are widely available from supermarkets, including Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and others, as well as Holland and Barrett.

Moo Free Dairy Free Organic Milk Chocolate Easter Egg 100g

Dairy Free Organic Milk Chocolate Easter Egg 100g

Choices also make larger eggs suitable for older children or adults, as shown later in this article.

Dairy Free for Grown Ups – You Too Can Enjoy a Dairy Free Easter Treat

There is a small but select range of Easter Eggs for grown ups and older children, available from Booja Booja and Choices. The large photo at the start of this article shows a couple bought in Holland and Barrett, taking advantage of their buy one, get one half price deal. Holland and Barrett usually do this deal on anything in the shop in the run-up to Easter, and both these Choice eggs have been available on that basis for the last few years, including 2015.

The chocolate these two are made from is the same as in the ‘milk’ chocolate version of the bunny bar shown above. As well as being dairy free, the Choices eggs (and their bunny bars) are wheat free, gluten free and egg free, and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Choices also make a number of different dark chocolate eggs.

One thing to note: one of the Choices eggs in the main picture above comes with caramel tasting chocolates. Some people do not like caramel, so be sure that your recipient does. Otherwise, play safe and give them the other one that has chocolate disks as its accompaniment.  That one is not available on Amazon this year, only the caramel one, but it should be sold by some of the stockists mentioned at the end of this article, or alternatively in high street stockists such as Holland and Barrett.

Choices Easter Egg & Milk Chocolate Caramels – Dairy Free Milk Chocolate Alternative CELTIC CHOCOLATES 120g

A Point to Beware

Choices chocolates are sometimes described as ‘Celtic Choices’ because they are made by the Celtic Chocolates company. This company has two brands – Choices, which are dairy free chocolate – and Celtic, which are mainly dark chocolate. If you see ‘Celtic’ on its own, it may not be dairy free. Some Celtic chocolate is gluten-free and sugar-free, suitable for diabetics and people with Coeliac disease, but is not labelled dairy free. So please check the packaging.

Indulge Yourself

Here’s another suggestion, this time for eggs that are strictly adults only.

Booja Booja Hazlenut Crunch Easter Egg

Booja-Booja Hazelnut Large Easter Egg 138 g

You can get Booja Booja in small sizes too, and they do a almond and sea salt caramel variety, and a espresso truffle one, as well as the hazlenut truffles. Booja Booja truffles are very very good from an eating point of view. They also tick all the boxes in being dairy free, suitable for vegans, gluten free, and organic. Sadly, you only get three truffles in the small one.

Some Stockists

Here’s a mixture of links: some to online retailers, others to the sites of companies who make Easter eggs, providing information on which shops should stock their goods. Before making a trip, always check with the actual shop that they have them in stock.

Moo Free‘s own page for suggested stockists, worldwide. They don’t list Holland and Barrett, but they are definitely for sale in local branches at the moment. As advised above, phone first to confirm stocks.

Celtic Chocolates are a maker of chocolate based in Dublin, in the Republic of Ireland, with two brands, Celtic and Choices.  As explained above, Choices is the dairy free variety. They used to have an online store, but their website seems to be just a static website at the moment.  However, their products are widely available, in Holland and Barrett and in supermarkets.

Booja Booja are a small but award-winning company.  They make delicious dairy free and gluten free organic and very grown up chocolate including fabulous rich truffles so if you feel like treating yourself to one of their Easter eggs, check out this list of stockists.

D and D Chocolates Ltd.  This Nuneaton based company in the English Midlands makes a variety of carob-based chocolate items to provide for people with dairy and gluten intolerances. For Easter, they have made a number of carob based items, including Easter eggs, with dairy free varieties.

Finally, Goodness Direct Co UK, another UK site, sells many of the brands discussed in this article, including Booja Booja and Moo Free.

Some Sources of Information on Dairy Free Foods

Foods Matter is an independent site that focuses on ‘Free From ‘ food, such as gluten free, dairy free and so on.

Alisa Fleming set up Go Dairy Free to provide information on the lactose allergy, being severely allergic herself. Lots of useful stuff.

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