Decorative Wrought Iron Garden Accents

Decorative Wrought Iron Garden Accents

You can create magic in garden with Decorative Wrought Iron. Garden Accent pieces in black and white can look fantastic. They should match up with any kind of green whether it is olive green, light green or the emerald green from foliage and garden trees.

A garden can just be plain, bare and common place or it can be an unmistakable retreat of peace designed tranquil Zen colors. It can also be bright and cheerful like a fairy bathed in splash of rainbow colors. To a person who loves the charisma of wrought iron decor, garden accents made from iron are definitely a feast for the eyes.

While viewing a garden, an obvious color that comes to mind is green and also the colors that work with green. You can enhance the greenery in your backyard or lawn with blooming flowers of all shades and some wrought iron decor.

Garden Arbor Archway with Gate

Garden Arbor Archway Dark Bronze Finished Iron Patio Arbor WITH Gate Elegant & Stylish Perfect for Weddings, Ceremonies, & Outdoor Venues Looks Great in Lawns, Yards, and Patios

What is Wrought Iron?

This metal is nothing but steel. It is produced by altering the properties of iron ore. The raw metal from the mines is heated in the blast furnace then hammered, bent and welded until it achieves the desired properties. This iron was the one that blacksmith preferred in the “good old days” for making any benchmark iron metal product.

The History of this Metal

Iron is an important metal in the history of mankind, discovered and used by our ancestors for many purposes. Not only was iron used to reinforce buildings and structures, it also had its uses in humble homes in the form of chairs, tables and kitchen utensils. It was a prominent metal for arms and ammunition, historical landmarks and railway lines too.

Innovation and experimentation made the raw iron ore into a robust metal – what we see today. Traditional methods of treating iron and modern technical processes made it possible to create a finished product that is classy and ornamental. Decorative iron frameworks, gates and chairs look awesome in modern homes. Trendy metal pieces of furniture in the dining and living rooms can look rustic and have a classic appeal. The furniture made of iron is quite stable, durable and can last for a lifetime and beyond.

Bicycle Plant Holder in Wrought Iron

Bicycle Plant Holder Wrought Iron Antique Mint Finish

Decor made from Wrought Iron 

The interesting thing is, the decorative part of iron could not remain hidden from our ancestors for too long. Ancient civilizations used it to drink and dine with whereas elite classes used this metal for making magnificent chandeliers, light fixtures, wine racks, floor candelabras, sculptures and many other art figures.

Used in the Home and Garden

Though our ancestors knew the usage of iron from way back; from the 16th century onwards, ironwork came into the hands of artisans who could make complicated and high end decorative objects.

You can witness this type of artwork and resulting masterpieces in elaborate designs of cathedrals, balconies, patios and the gates of old palaces and ruins. You can see beautiful architecture in some of the famous galleries and museums of France and England. The advent of the 18th century gave a different twist to metal craftsmanship where the artists made artistic railings, gates, arches and trellises from it. You can see them in the old pathways of London and some of the modern locations of US inspired by the designs of Victorian and Edwardian era.

Tree Bench Plant Stand

Tree Bench/plant Stand made from Wrought Iron - Antique Mint Green Finish

Longevity and Maintenance of this Furniture

Though iron is quite strong and robust, the affinity to moisture can cause rust. To prevent the wear and tear, many products are covered in a powder coating of pewter and rust free paints. Many products that come in natural finish are also available with traditional decor items but they will eventually be prone to rust without any special coating. People who love the inherent appearance of this let it rust naturally, displaying a true ans original accent outdoors.

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