Top 3 Good Cheap Desktop Mug Warmers

Top 3 Good Cheap Desktop Mug Warmers

Allow me to introduce you to one of my all-time favourites in the area of tiny cheap beverage-related appliances, a great stocking stuffer for the officer worker, writer or student.

Behold, the desktop mug warmer!

As the name implies, the mug warmer is basically a small hot plate or electric-heated coaster. It’s  just the right size to hold a standard coffee cup. When you’re slow to empty your cup, the Mug Warmer keeps your hot tea or coffee at drinkable temperature for a longer time.  Simple as that.   It saves you from the system shock of swigging a mouthful of disgusting lukewarm beverage.

In the big scheme of things a tepid cup of coffee is not going to ruin your life… but it sure as heck can take some of the joy out of your morning!

Read on for my top 3 picks for this great little gadget.

#1 Most Popular Desktop Mug Warmer

This is the exact same model I bought for myself, back in the days when I used to work in a cubicle that was a long long hike from the office kitchenette where the kettle lived. That was the experience – and this was the appliance – that really sold me on the usefulness of this little gizmo, to anyone who depends on a nice hot cuppa to drag them through those last few hours of a long workday.

Mr. Coffee MWBLK Mug Warmer

Mr. Coffee is a brand names we’ve come to know and rely on, so it’s no surprise that Mr. Coffee’s electric heated coaster is first choice for Amazon fans of desktop mug warmers. Plain, black, reliable, the small round hotplate with an on-off switch is just about as simple as it gets.

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#2 Desktop Hot Beverage Set, Mug Included

The clean white design of this stylish set is appealing – almost as much as the fact that the mug is a decent size for a serious java fan.

Toastmaster Personal Coffee Mug and WarmerToastmaster Personal Coffee Mug and Warmer

This is a set of a big 12-ounce mug plus electric warmer, both in a nice clean white that will force you to wipe up any coffee spills, it looks so slick and modern. Nice to see the switch on the unit itself, so you can see at a glance where to reach it.

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#3 Mug Warmer, Bonus Points for Good Looks

Actually, when it comes to looks, this one is my favorite – and I guess I must not be alone in that as it keeps coming and going out of stock. It’s the lovely mottled marble-inspired grey and white effect, just a little different than the usual tiny appliance.

Norpro Decorative Cup WarmerNorpro 5569 Decorative Cup Warmer

The generous 3-3/4″ hot plate area here will nicely fit a large coffee cup. I’m not crazy about having the on-off switch on the cord, but it’s a very pretty unit, and that counts a fair bit when you’re talking about something you’re going to plonk on your desk and spend a lot of time looking at.

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Save Your Loved Ones from the Trauma of Tepid Tea and Cold Coffee!

Maybe you get tied up on the phone, maybe you’re called in to a meeting just when you’re starting your coffee break, or maybe you’re just so into what your besties are posting on Reddit that you forget the steaming mug at your elbow?  And then your much-needed caffeine hit goes cold, too cold to drink. We’ve all been there… yeah.

It’s a simple mission, that of the desktop mug warmer, but I think a vital one – at least, to those of us who are fuelled by mid-morning java and afternoon oolong.

Hot cuppa, anyone?

Top photo: Coffee cup


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  • Nicely done. Though I drink that dreaded glow in the dark well nuked freeze dried and hardly consumable stile from a insulated cup if the time ever comes I could use one. I also don’t mind that luke warm gear oil either.


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