Despicable Me 3 DIY Balthazar Bratt Costume

Despicable Me 3 DIY Balthazar Bratt Costume

Every movie needs to have certain elements for it to work.

First, the plot has to have a beginning, a middle and an end. Any story,  with movies in particular, with plots that bounce around in a non-linear fashion tend to leave moviegoers confused about what is happening. Then people start talking about what is going on and that makes watching the film even more distracting. The setting of the story also has to make sense as well. Having characters wear Colonial costumes in a film set in the Wild West makes no sense.

In addition to an understandable and plausible plot line, every story needs to have a protagonist and an antagonist, i.e., a good guy and a bad guy. These characters shape what is going to happen. The good guy has all sorts of bad things happen to him or her, and it is the antagonist’s job to create the tension of what will happen next to the favored character. This is the conflict of the plot line. Without this, a film is boring.

And of course, each story needs a resolution-all of the elements tied together with a bow for the ending to make sense. Some movies leaves a few things hanging, letting moviegoers know that a potential sequel may be in the works. The ends cannot be too loose, or else the conclusion will not make sense.

The Villains of the Despicable Me Franchise

In each of the Despicable Me movies, there is a stand out villain. In the original film. that character was Vector Perkins. He was not an action kind of guy, but one who lounged around in an orange track suit who tried to be a super villain while using his brains and not his braun (which was lacking). Try as he may, he did his best to outwit Gru in order to become the newest super villain of all time. But he did not succeed in his quest.

In the sequel Despicable Me 2, there were two villains, one intentional and one unintentional. First, there was El Macho, aka, Eduardo Perez. He is the owner of a Mexican restaurant called Salsa & Salsa, located in the Paradise Shopping Mall. Having faked his own death some 20 years earlier, El Macho had secretly been working on an evil plot all these years. While it appears he had turned his life around, having married and having a son, something changed. He created a mutagen called PX-41, which turned anyone or anything shot with it into a monster. This happened to the Minions, who once injected with PX-41, turned from lovable mischievous henchmen into slobbering purple monsters with a huge underbite. They were the other antagonists in the film. While the Minions were eventually turned back into their yellow pill shaped selves, El Macho injects himself with the mutagen and turns into a monster.

In the prequel, The Minions Movie, we learn of the genesis of Gru’s assistants. In this film, the antagonist is a woman named Scarlet Overkill. Her backstory was sad, having been abandoned as a child and left to her own devices. Not letting being an orphan determine her fate, she becomes a villain at the ripe old age of thirteen. Smart, intelligent, and with a street savvy that suits her well, she plots on becoming the Queen of England by overthrowing the Queen herself. Of course, this goes badly and she and her sidekick husband, Herb, are sent to prison.

In the newest Illumination Entertainment movie in the series, originally entitled Despicable Me 3, this film has a villain named Balthazar Bratt.

Who is Balthazar Bratt?

The backstory of Balthazar Bratt is a fairly common one for television actors in the past. He was born in 1973 and became an international sensation due to his hit television series which aired from 1983-1987. He starred in his own television series entitle Evil Bratt, where he played a child prodigy criminal mastermind who wanted to dominate the world. He used whatever he had handy, like Rubik’s cubes, to create his weapons. Balthazar even has an armory of hip hop moves that he will use later on during his adult life of crime.Of course, this was a hit with kids because who doesn’t want to be the boss over adults?

However, after three seasons, the show which was abruptly cancelled before the final episode had aired, despite being a ratings sensation. The reason pulling the show was due to Balthazar going through puberty. His voice cracked and his face was breaking out-he no longer looked or sounded like a child. He started these how as a cute 10 year old, but four years later, nature was turning him into a young man. This is not who the audience wanted to see, at least according to the network executives who make these kinds of decisions.

This was not unusual for television programs at that time. Many favorites just ended without a satisfying conclusion as to what happened to the beloved characters to which fans had grown attached. One prime example of that is Gilligan’s Island, which was also cancelled after three seasons and leaving the castaways stranded until a 1978 made for television movie finally got them off the island.

The last siting of Balthazar Bratt was in 1989, outside a newsstand in Hollywood. There are no digital traces of his whereabouts since that time. What has he been up to in the decades since he was abruptly thrown to the curb?

But now he has returned…with a vengeance. He is a middle-aged man with a giant chip on his shoulder padded shoulders. In fact, when Gru is unable to capture him, Gru is fired from his job with the Anti Villain League.

Despicable Me 3 Balthazar Bratt Trailer



Despicable Me 3 DIY Balthazar Bratt Costume for Adults

For those of you who like to create their own versions of a character in costume, here is how to make your very own Despicable Me 3 Balthazar Bratt costume.

Despicable Me 3 Balthazar Bratt costume wig

Balthazar Bratt Costume Wig Available on Amazon

Every decade has its own inspired hairstyles, and the 1980’s was no different. How high you could get your hair was the rage, and it was not uncommon for both genders to go through cans of hairspray a week to get the elusive “high hair” look. This Despicable Me 3 inspired Balthazar Bratt costume wig achieves that look. Not only does it include the classic mullet style, it also comes with the Fu Manchu moustache, it also has a set of furry caterpillar like eyebrows as well.

Underneath his purple 80's suit, Balthazar Bratt wear a white turtleneck.

White Turtleneck Available at Amazon

Underneath his purple jacket, Balthazar Bratt wears a white turtleneck. This one comes in many sizes and can be worn after Halloween is over.

Balthazar Bratt DIY costume suit jacket

This purple suit jacket, along with many other jackets and purple suits, are available on Amazon

Purple was one of the popular colors of the 1980’s. Balthazar Bratt wore it in his television series, and continues to wear an adult version of the suit well into his adult years. There are many styles, sizes and price points for this signature piece of your DIY Balthazar Bratt costume.

Balthazar Bratt DIY costume-these purple pants can be worn again for those who love style.

This pair of purple pants, as well as many others, are available on Amazon

Believe it or not, there are many different styles of men’s pants available in the color purple. From slim fit to classic fit, you can find an assortment of styles that will compliment your purple jacket.

Balthazar Bratt DIY costume fingerless gloves

Available on Amazon

These leather fingerless glove for men are also a part of Balthazar Bratt’s ensemble. Not only do they look cool, but they also help him grip things more easily. They come in a variety of sizes from X-Small to XXX-Large.


Balthazar Bratt DIY costume-white shoes are the finishing touch.

White Shoes Available on Amazon

The final component of your Despicable Me 3 Balthazar Bratt costume are the white shoes he wears. This fashionable pair of kicks comes in an array of sizes and can be worn all summer long as well.

Despicable Me 3 DIY Balthazar Bratt Costume for Kids

Putting together a DIY costume for kids is fun for everyone involved. Children have a say in what they are wearing and some may feel more comfortable wearing regular clothing than costumes. Buying clothing that has an actual size will fit better than a costume that has been created to fit a range of sizes.

If your child wants to dress as the newest Despicable Me villain Balthazar Bratt, he can wear this purple suit.

Available on Amazon

This purple suit for boys comes in sizes that range from infant, toddler to a larger boy size 20. Pair it with white sneakers and a white turtleneck and you are good to go.

The newest Despicable Me villain is sure to entertain everyone on the screens and around the neighborhood as you go trick or treating this year.

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Despicable Me 3 – Balthazar Bratt Origin – Beyond The Trailer


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