Despicable Me Minion Christmas Tree Ideas

Despicable Me Minion Christmas Tree Ideas

Despicable Me 2 was the long awaited sequel to the 2010 monster hit Despicable Me, produced by Illumination Entertainment.  Released in movie theaters during the 2013 July 4th weekend, to date it has grossed more than $900 million worldwide, according to

At the core of this movie is the love that Gru has for his three daughter, Margo, Edith and Agnes.  Once a man bent on destroying the moon and other large things that did not belong to him, Gru developed a softer side upon adopting his three girls.

In the second movie, Gru and his minions are now is in the jam making business, and they actually do a very poor job, as it is virtually inedible. But, it does have a special power that viewers of the movie find out towards the end.  He throws Agnes a princess party, follows Margo as she develops a crush on a boy who is the son of his nemesis, El Macho, and in sum, has a total change of heart thanks to becoming a father.

The overall appeal is that love can change a person and bring everyone together.  Not the most attractive guy in town, Gru does have Lucy Wilde, an agent in the Anti Villain League, pursuing him.  And, surprisingly, this once confident evil villain is too nervous to pick up the phone to call and ask Lucy out on a date.

Despicable Me 2, is a wonderful family film that everyone can enjoy.  There is no bad language, no inappropriate actions to cover eyes, and no cringing at foul humor.  This movie is pure, unadulterated family fun that you can enjoy again and again. My family and I always watch a movie together after our family Christmas dinner as a way to unwind and spend time together.

Christmas is a Time for Family

What is family?  Are these people who are related to us biologically or is it more than that?

There are many people in this world for whom the holidays are a time of sadness, as they are estranged from loved ones, are far away from their families, or feel the pinch of finances overtaking the true meaning of the holiday season. If this describes someone you know, it is a kind gesture to include them in your Christmas celebration.  The love you shower them with can make all the difference.

Despicable Me 2 has a family that is unconventional.  First, there was Gru and Dr. Nefario.  These two evil master minds lived together and worked together on their plethora of nasty plots to steal things around the world and in the universe. Add to this “couple” the hundreds of minions who also live with Gru and work for him.

After adopting his daughters, Gru became a father and expanded his family and as well as heart.  Then he meets Lucy, and another person is added to this very different group of people who, while not related biologically, can be defined as a family.

Despicable Me  Christmas Tree Ideas

For many families, the Thanksgiving holiday is the launch of the Christmas one.  After the turkey has been served, the next morning the Christmas decorations come out and the fun begins.  Going out and buying a tree or putting up the artificial one you bought gets the excitement mounting.  If you are a family who loves the minions and the rest of the cast of Despicable Me 2, here are some tree ideas to get your theme started.

Minion String Lights

Despicable Me Minions Christmas Lights

Despicable Me Minions Christmas Lights from Entertainment Earth

What is a Christmas tree without string lights?  These just happen to be the adorable yellow minions!  Each string contains 10 Carl and Dave lights that are made of plastic.  It comes with extra bulbs in case one of them acts up and goes out. You can augment these with a few yellow string lights.

Despicable Me Christmas Ornaments

Ornaments are what make each tree special and unique.  They bring back memories of a time anyplace, as well as memories of spending time with others during Christmases past.  Here are a few featuring your favorite characters. You can find these ornaments and many more when you click on the links.

Here is our buddy, Carl, dressed in his finest Santa hat. This plush ornament is 5 inches tall and comes with a loop for hanging.

Despicable Me Hula Dave Figural Resin Ornament

Despicable Me Hula Dave Figural Resin Ornament from Entertainment Earth


This 2 1/4 inch resin ornament has silly Dave dancing in a hula skirt.

Despicable Me Minion Gold Ball Glass Ornament Set

Despicable Me Minion Gold Ball Glass Ornament Set from Entertainment Earth

Is there someone you love who is one in a million to you? This ornament will express your wishes in a whimsical way!

There are many more minion ornaments for you to chose from.

Whether it is a miniature tree or a large one, having a a minion themed or Despicable Me themed tree is a fun idea!


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