Despicable Me Minion Party Ideas

Despicable Me Minion Party Ideas

I have always enjoyed planning my children’s birthday parties, although my family might say otherwise, as I do get a bit stressed right before the festivities!  I just want everythin to be “just right”. Asking them what kind of party they wanted, what games to play and what kind of cake they want to serve, and then putting their ideas into action, motivates me to go the extra mile and make sure they have a birthday party that they will remember for years to come.

My kids love to pick a theme.  I can look back at my photo albums and see everything from the paper goods to the cake decorations and remember their favorite characters during that time in their lives.  Will my older daughter admit having a Barney cake when she was two?

Despicable Me and the sequel, Despicable Me 2, are two of our family’s favorite movies.  We are looking forward to seeing the prequel, Minions, this summer. Because it is such a hit in our house, and my twins have a fall birthday, it has inspired me to find ideas that we can incorporate into this party theme if this is the one they select this year.

Get the House Ready!

You do not need to inundate every nook and cranny of your home with themed decorations. This party set has it all!  The two centerpieces can be put on the table with yellow plates and plasticware.  The banner and hanging decor add the just enough to let everyone know what your theme is.  Add some yellow balloons and you are set!

This Minions decoration set costs under five dollars and has just what you need for party fun!


7 Piece Minion Set from Amazon

Despicable Me Minion Party Games to Play

If you are hosting the party in your home, you need to keep the kids occupied.  A children’s party should last no longer than 90 minutes, and if the kids are older, two hours max.  If you plan the party in 30 minute segments, then the time will go much more quickly and the party will have a more organized flow.

Here are some party games for you to try that will fit the Minions theme.

Pass the Minion

Like hot potato, kids can pass the stuffed minion doll until the music stops.

Pop the Minion

Kids love to pop balloons.  Before the party, fill up a few dozen yellow balloons and draw minion faces on them.  Kids will try to sit on the balloons and pop as many as they can by sitting on them.

Another way to play this is to have a relay race.  The kids are divided up into two teams. One child has to run to the designated spot, sit on the balloon and pop it and run back.  The next child on the team does the same thing until one team finishes first.

Pin the Eye on the Minion

Make a large minion out of yellow poster board and have the kids pin a giant eye on it.

Minion Pinata

The origin of the pinata dates back several centuries, but kids won’t be interested in that…they want what is inside! Since those mischievous minions are well known for smacking each other around, it is only fair play that they get it back in return. This pinata features three minions. Add yellow and blue wrapped candy and a few minion items like stickers and tattoos and this will be a hit! Give the kids yellow and blue lunch bags with giant goggle eyes drawn on. This can double as a favor if you are so inclined.

Minion Movie pinata for Minions themed birthday party. Add yellow and blue candy!


Minion Pinata from Amazon

Minion Cake Ideas

One of my favorite parts of a birthday party is the cake.  I will never understand people who pass up a slice…it’s not like you get to eat it every day! For your Minions party, you can either serve cupcakes or a sheet cake with the theme.  If you are daring enough, why not have a craft station where the kids can create their own edible minions?

Oval Bake Pan

Bake a cake in a rectangular pan.  Using this oval shaped cookie cutter, cut out as many as you need for each guest, as well as a few extras. Kids can then ice these cakes with yellow icing and blue for their overalls.

Edible Eyes

Top off the iced minions with these edible eyes!  Be sure to take a picture of each child with their own special cake.

Cake Topper

If you do not want a bunch of kids with yellow icing running around your home, why not bake or buy a plain sheet cake and decorate with this themed cake topper!

Minons cake topper for your sheet cake.


Minions cake topper from Amazon

Don’t Forget Minions Party Favors!

I don’t know about your kids, but when a host decides not to give a goody bag or some kind of token gift at the end of a party, my kids a just a little disappointed. They love getting the extra toys and candy that I do not normally buy.

Themed party bags are the perfect way to say “thank you” to your guests.  There are lots of choices that feature those lovable minions!

If you want to give just one fun favor, these minion goggles fit the bill. It would great as a group photo!

Minions party favor-goggles are fun for the kids to wear!

Minions Goggles from Amazon

Featured photo by Hannah Gold.


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