Disney Big Hero 6 Backpacks and School Supplies

Disney Big Hero 6 Backpacks and School Supplies

Life is kind of hectic when you are a fourteen year old super-genius. Creating microbots to fight to their destruction is challenging-not just making them, but hiding your activities from your big brother and your aunt. Hiro Hamada is a bit lost until his older brother, Tadashi, gets him into a prestigious institute to put his robotic geared mind to good and not activities that will get him into trouble.

Kids today are also very busy. There is school, homework, music lessons, sports practice, and finding time to hang out with friends. Even when they are running errands with Mom and Dad, kids need something to keep all of their belongings with them as they dart out the door. With a bag of their own, a child can keep her things all in one place in the car or as they wait for a sibling having a practice or a lesson. Clean up is a breeze and parents can help their child keep track of where their belongings are. Children also feel important when they have their own bag…it makes them feel more grown up!

Children who are on the go need to keep their things in a handy, yet fashionable tote bag. For little ones who love Disney’s Big Hero 6, there is an assortment of backpacks and tote bags that will keep personal belongings all together in one place. It is cool to be “green”! Anything else just is not acceptable!

What to Look for When Buying a Backpack

Your son or daughter’s backpack is an important vehicle of communication between the school and you. Every day, your child takes home flyers about school events, notes from teachers, school planners with homework assignments, and of course, the books they need to complete their assignments.

Over the past few years, parents and pediatricians have become concerned because children are bringing home too much from school, causing them to increase the weight in their backpacks. This can lead to back and neck strain, especially when the child is young and the items in the backpack weigh almost as much as they do!

Some students have chosen backpacks with wheels, but those can be an issue if they do not fit into lockers or if there are stairs that must be climbed to get from one class to the other. If your child walks back and forth to school, they will be hard to pull if people do not clear their sidewalks after a snowstorm.
While single strap shoulder bags are popular, they are not good for your child. According to William Hennrikus, MD, a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon at Children’s Hospital in California, these messenger style bags can cause shoulder, neck and back pain due to the pulling down of one shoulder.

The best backpacks for kids should have two thick padded shoulder straps. They should be adjusted for your child’s comfort. After packing it, it should weigh no more than 10% of your child’s body weight.

Big Hero 6 Backpacks Have Arrived

Hiro Hamada attends the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology.  a school that is exclusively for geniuses. The robotic department is headed by Professor Robert Callaghan Technology who is also Tadashi’s mentor.  It is here that Hiro meets his brother’s friends, who will eventually join forces with him to form the crime fighting team known as Big Hero 6.

Your child may not go to a school for geniuses or even superheroes, but he will feel like one of them when he puts his things inside a backpack featuring this eclectic team of heroes. Please note that there are two different backpack options. The smaller ones are perfect for preschoolers while the larger ones are just the right size for children in elementary school.

Large Backpack for Older Kids

New for back to school 2015! This Baymax backpack featuring the other membesr of the Big Hero 6 team.

This larger backpack, which features Baymax in the center, has two compartments that zippers and adjustable, padded shoulder straps.

This Big Hero 6 backpack feaures armored up Baymax dressed in red, along with a detachable lunch box.

This Big Hero 6 Large 16″ Backpack has a detachable lunchbox. There are many other backpack choices for BH6 fans!

For Younger Children

The smaller backpack is just the right size for younger children who cannot carry a lot.

Big Hero 6 Reusable Tote Bags

Children today are brought up with parents carrying around reusable tote bags. They bring them to the grocery store, keep a few in the car for errands, and even have them carry their things to preschool in them. I know that in the preschool where I work, children who stay for an extended day bring their nap mats, blankets, and sheets in nylon bags that they bring back and forth. I can honestly say that no one uses plastic or paper anymore!

Kids who are fans of Big Hero 6 will enjoy the tote bags that feature any one of the characters.


These tote bags are made of canvas. All of them feature one of the characters. Your child can use these to carry around his favorite action figures, his books, his superhero costumes, or even things needed for a sleepover at a grandparent’s house!

All of these Big Hero 6 tote bags can be customized to your liking! They come in different sizes and colors. Every character is featured, so you can tote your favorite around with you wherever you go!

Big Hero 6 Lunch Boxes

Lunch boxes are another way for children to show their classmates who their favorite character is.  Packing lunches is a healthier and more inexpensive option that buying school lunches or purchasing those chemical and preservative filled ready made lunches.
This Disney Nig Hero 6 lunch box features armored up Hiro and Baymax.

Disney Pixar Big Hero 6 Lunch Box featuring Baymx and Hiro from Amazon

This is also available in red as well.

Kids will stay hydrated with this easy to use water bottle that features Hiro and Baymax. Just push the button and the straw pops out.

Other Big Hero 6 School Supplies

In addition to backpacks and tote bags, there are other school supplies available with the superhero team.

This Big Hero 6 ten piece stationary set has pencils, a mini motebook a ruler and more!

Disney Big Hero 6 Bay 10 Piece Stationary Set from Amazon


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