Disney Big Hero 6 Baymax Toys

Disney Big Hero 6 Baymax Toys

Disney is well known for having all kinds of costumes, books, clothing and toys tied into their movie and television show franchises.  They have different strategies for each one, and there is no rhyme or reason for it.

For example, when Sofia the First debuted in January 2013 on Disney Junior after its successful TV movie launch, girls were clamoring for anything related to the show. Disney brought out only a few items, which quickly flew off store shelves and became coveted in the secondhand market.  After a few months, stores were packed with Sofia the First merchandise and nowit can be easily found.

Before Frozen made it to theaters, Disney had a full line of Elsa and Anna costumes available online and in stores.  It wasn’t until after the film’s release that these items, plus anything else related to the movie was hard to keep in stock.

It wasn’t just Anna and Elsa merchandise that kids wanted, they also wanted anything that had the lovable snowman, Olaf, on it. He was the film’s breakout character, and he brought a lot of laughs to the more serious moments of the film.

This November 7th, Disney is releasing its first collaborative movie with Marvel Studios, the people who bring you all things superhero. Big Hero 6, also known as BH6, is the next movie that the studio hopes to shoot into the money-making stratosphere. It will be on the big screen in 3-D.

In the Big Hero 6 movie trailers, the character that stands out is Baymax.  He is a large robot who was created by Tadashi, Hiro Hamada’s older brother who is mysteriously murdered at the beginning of the movie. Baymax was created to take care of Hiro, and that is exactly what he does.

Filmgoers are first introduced to Baymax right after Tadashi’s funeral. This inflatable healthcare companion can detect vital signs and feelings, has some glitches.  He is slow moving, can leak, and has a battery that runs low and has no verbal filter.

Hiro uses his technological brilliance to reprogram Baymax to become a superhero with incredible powers.  They both team up with several other reluctant crime fighters to become the team Big Hero 6.

Unlike the Marvel Comic drawings, which show a very angular and large robot, the Disney version is very much like the Staypuff Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters.  With his comedic actions and build, he also reminds viewers of Frozen’s Olaf. With his softened, cuddly appearance, Baymax toys are sure to be a hit with kids this upcoming holiday season.

Big Hero 6 Baymax Toys Can Be Preordered

Baymax toys will not be available until December, but previews for them have been seen online in blogs and videos, and they can be preordered so your child is guaranteed to get the one he or she wants. You can click on each image to order yours!  Here is what children and parents have to look forward to:

Baymax Mech Figure – Disney Infinity: Disney Originals (2.0 Edition)


Disney Infinity is adding Big Hero 6 characters to it’s line!  These can be preordered and will be available for delivery in early November,just in time for the holiday season.  Click here for more information and to order yours!

Projection Action Baymax

Projection version Baymax

Available on Amazon

This is the toy as it is seen when we first meet him in the film. It is made of vinyl and it has a projector in the middle, just like it does in the movie.  It makes 8 different sounds and has 8 different images from the film, including Tadashi and a big cat.  Moving his arm changes the scenes in his belly and the sound that he makes. The phrases are spoken in English only.

Baymax 10 Inch Talking Plush

Kids re gong to love Baymax!

Available on Amazon

Who is going to be everyone’s favorite bedtime toy when it arrives at home?  Baymax! Squeeze him and he talks to you. He asks, ”Are you satisfied with your care?” Because of the size, he is very portable and can be taken anywhere your child goes.

Baymax Deluxe Flying Action Figure

Deluxe Baymax toy

Deluxe Baymax Toy available on Amazon

This is how Baymax is transformed by Hiro. In the film, he is covered with red armor and can fly using his rocket-launching fits. Kids will have a great time holding this toy in the air and making it fly. It has an 18 inch wingspan and is magnetic on the back so that Hiro can hang onto him (a 4 inch Hiro is included).  Of course, like the other Baymax toys, it makes sounds. It has many different points of movement so it can be posed different ways. It has an on/off switch and the back of his neck lights up.

Baymax toys promise to be a big hit this upcoming holiday season.

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