Disney Big Hero 6 Hiro Hamada Costume Ideas

Disney Big Hero 6 Hiro Hamada Costume Ideas

This November,  Disney is hoping for another huge family movie hit when it releases its 54th animated film just in time for the holiday movie season.  Big Hero 6 is coming just under a year after Frozen’s release, and that blockbuster has set records for the box office and for merchandise that has never been seen in animated film history before.

Big Hero 6 is the first collaboration between Disney and Marvel, the comic company. This anime comic book series is lesser known than The Avengers, Thor or Ironman, but is a cult favorite. Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the film.

Of course, Disney is taking liberty with the original plot and characters to make it more family friendly.  In the comic book series, the female characters are wearing clothing that just barely covers them.  The movie animators, who also worked on Frozen and Wreck It Ralph, are making them appear more family friendly.  This of course, will help them to sell merchandise that will hopefully fly off the shelves this upcoming holiday season.

The protagonist of the movie is Hiro Hamada. In the comic book, his name was Hiro Takachiho.  He is a thirteen year old child prodigy who brilliance was recognized early by his parents.  The educators at the Tesuka Advanced Science Institute also heard of his incredible talents, and he was admitted into their program.

At this school, his intelligence soared, as he excelled in the subjects of math, computer science and biology. and he created many inventions, including the robot Baymax. In time, this young teenager was also recruited by the Japanese consortium Giri to join a new team called Big Hero 6.

The movie is slightly different.  The school is called The San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, which is a college his brother, Tadashi, attends. Hiro creates a project of hundreds of  microbots that gets him into this prestigious college. After his brother is tragically killed, it is Tadashi’s friends how help Hiro out of his funk.  It finally happens when they realize who the bad guy is and together, they team up to find him. Hiro delves into the creation of making his fellow scientists into superheros.

One of the great things about having Hiro as a protagonist of the film is that he makes being smart cool. While most fourteen year old boys are busy with sports, Hiro uses his intelligence to get the job done. Using computers, electronics, and his gifted mind, he is on the job to help figure out who was responsible for the death of his brother. He also teaches valuable lessons about moving on and seeking revenge.

With Halloween only being one week before the film’s premiere, children will want to dress like the newest Disney character, Hiro, as they go door-to-door trick or treating.

Although Disney has not yet put out an official Big Hero Halloween costume, the following items can be put together so that your child can look just like Hiro.

Hiro the Computer Genius

There are two looks that your son can utilize if he wants to dress up as the film’s lead character.

First, there is his regular school boy self. This wig is just like the mop top style he has in the film.

Big Hero 6 Hiro Hamada wig has free shipping.

He is sporting a red shirt with a character that resembles the monster Baymax that he created. 

Over the red shirt is a gray hood sweat jacket.  This zipper hooded sweat jacket is from Fruit of the Loom and it comes in gray, just like Hiro wears. This can be worn after Halloween is over. It comes in sizes 8-20.

Click on the image to see it in gray.


He wears cargo pants that do not quite hit the ankle.  Given that Halloween is in October, long cargo pants would be the better option.  This pair comes in many different sizes.


Finish off the costume with a pair of black high top Chuck Taylor sneakers.


Hiro the Superhero

Hiro creates the team of secret superheroes by creating armor for each one and giving each person special powers based on their strengths. He rides on the back of Baymax attached to him with magnets. Here is his official Disney helmet.

Big Hero 6 Hiro Hamada Costume

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