Disney Descendants 2 Backpacks and School Supplies

Disney Descendants 2 Backpacks and School Supplies

Back to school shopping is something that most parents love and many children loathe.  As the carefree and homework free days of summer come to an end, it is time to start searching for the perfect supplies for the beginning of a fresh school year.

Many teachers send home supply lists with the last report card, or they are posted online on the school’s website. For some items, there is no freedom for what you can buy.  A one inch clear view binder simply comes the way it is.  Teachers specify which color they want, but there is no personalization to it.  My children have even been told what brand of eraser and type of glue stick, as the teacher believes that these are the best on the market.  Even though other brands perform the same, in my opinion, my children do not permit me to deviate from the list, fearing they will get off on the wrong foot with the teacher at the beginning of the school year. Being an educator for almost thirty years, I am not a parent who wishes to cause problems, but one who wonders what the big deal is between a red eraser and a white one. The only difference I could tell was the price! While I understand why a teacher wants a uniform look for composition books, I love the look of a pink or purple cover for my daughter. She prefers them as well, but we comply with the list.

There are school supplies for which there are no requirements.  Backpacks, for example, permit children express who they are and who their favorite character of the moment is. Teachers do not care if it is a messenger bag or a backpack, as long as everything fits inside and can easily be transported back and forth to school. Disney’s latest hit movie, Descendants 2, has spawned a line of school supplies that features many of the beloved characters, as well as new ones.

Disney Descendants 2 Backpack and Lunch Tote Sets

This Disney Descendants 2 backpack and lunch tote features Mal, Evie and Uma.

Disney Descendants 2 Backpack and Lunch Tote Now Available at Kohl’s

Two of the most popular characters from the first Descendants movie are now appearing on a backpack and lunch tote set, along with a new villain. Evie and Mal are prominently featured on this 16 inch backpack. This carrier also features a side mesh pocket for holding water bottles or snacks. On the lunch, the girls are standing with a new character, Uma, whose mother is Ursula from The Little Mermaid. She has taken over the isle since Mal left for Auradon. This soft sided lunch tote has a zipper and measures 8.5″ X 9.5″ X 3″.

Disney's Descendants 2 Evie & Mal 5 piece Backpack Set

Disney’s Descendants Evie & Mal 5-pc. Backpack Set Available at Kohl’s

Is your daughter looking to stand out in a crowd with a big pop of color? If she is, then here is a backpack and lunch tote combo that is sure to be a hit. The backpack is 16 inches and includes a side mesh pouch. The lunch box attaches to the backpack and is in a tote style with a handle at the top and a flap that closes. It also has a zip pouch that can hold tissues, snack money or other small items.

This set also includes a 16 ounce water bottle. Years ago, having a water bottle on your desk required a doctor’s note because you needed to stay hydrated due to a medical issue.  But with water fountains being havens for germs, schools have now permitted children to keep a water bottle on their desk. Schools are also more knowledgeable about the importance of children staying hydrated, particularly in classrooms where there is no air conditioning during the hot months of fall and summer.

Don’t forget that back to school supplies also means Descendants 2 clothing!

Disney Descendants 2 back to school supplies will put a smile on everyone’s face as they head out the door on the first day of school.

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