Disney Descendants 2 Pajamas and Nightgowns

Disney Descendants 2 Pajamas and Nightgowns

There is nothing like giving your child a bath, toweling them off, and then helping them into a pair of freshly laundered pajamas. Children are winding down at this time of night, and a routine is the way to get the to the land of calm and sleep.

Children have favorite characters, and slipping into a pair of pajamas that feature them is an experience they look forward to. When my older daughter was four, I bought her a Disney Princess nightgown that was floor length, full of tulle, and featured her favorite princess, Ariel, from The Little Mermaid. She wore that until it was up to her knees, and then passed it onto her younger sister. We finally had to retire it because it was fourteen years old and quite tattered.

This past summer, Disney released a brand new sequel to the summer 2015 smash hit, Descendants.  The second movie, aptly titled Descendants 2, featured the same characters, Mal, Evie, Carlos, Jay, Ben and Jane, sporting new clothes and new hairdos. Viewers were also introduced to a brand new set of bad guys, Uma, the daughter of Ursula, Gil the son of Gaston, and Harry, the son of Captain Hook. Uma gathers the two not so swift guys to be her personal goons to try and conquer the Isle of the Lost and Auradon. It had an intriguing ending, with a glimpse that a third film could be in the works in the near future.

As with all Disney programming, life lessons are woven throughout the film, along with great dancing and a hit soundtrack. Kids will certainly love going to bed in pajamas featuring the characters from this movie.

What Should You Look When Buying Children’s Pajamas?

One of the most important things to look for in children’s pajamas is that they are comfortable. If they are too big or too tight, this will cause your children to be uncomfortable, and therefore inhibit not only their sleep, but yours, too! A well rested child is a happier child, who won’t be as cranky during the day and be more pleasant to everyone s/he encounters. I can tell you as both a mother and as a preschool teacher that I can tell the difference in a child’s personality based on how well the child slept the previous night.

Of course, buying the correct size is important. Pajamas should have a snug fit, but also allow a bit of room to grow, as what will fit fine in January may be outgrown in a few weeks if there is little wiggle room.

Disney Descendants Pajamas for girls featuring Mal, Evie and Uma

Available at The Disney Store

Finding the right textures that make your children feel good is also imperative. I have one daughter who is always cold, so her pajamas have to be heavier than my son’s, who can stay warmer than his twin sister with less clothing.

Parents should also listen to their children’s preferences in color, style and pattern. Anything that makes your child happy and keeps them in bed asleep is a good thing.

More Things to Consider When Buying Sleepwear for Children

In addition to fit and texture, parents also need to consider what kind of sleepwear will work best for their children. For example, when my children were learning to use the bathroom at night, zipper front footie pajamas were something they did not wear. They could not always get them down in time or a sleeve would accidentally fall into the bowl. At this age, my children wore two piece pajamas so all they had to do was pull down the pants. It kept them just as warm as one piece footies without the hassle of having an accident in the middle of the night.

Disney Descendants 2 piece pajama set

Available at The Disney Store

My daughters also wore nightgowns at this age for the same reason. If it was winter, they could wear an pair of thermal pants to keep their legs warm if the gown rode up at night.

There are some people who are concerned about the chemicals that are used to make pajamas flame retardants. They do not want anything artificial like that next to their children’s skin. If this is the case for you, you can check the labels to ensure that they are snug fitting and say that they are not “flame resistant”.

Descendants 2 fleece pajamas will keep girls warm at night

Available at Kohl’s

These fleece pajamas in a bright purple will keep the chill away on a cold winter’s night. It features Mal and Evie and comes in sizes 6 through 12. The elastic waistband will give an extra bit of comfort.

You really need to put a lot of thought into your child’s sleepwear, as a good night’s sleep is important to their growth and health. When girls go to bed each night in their Disney Descendants 2 sleepwear, they will enjoy having royal dreams.

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