Disney Descendants DIY and Ready Made Carlos Costume

Disney Descendants DIY and Ready Made Carlos Costume

In the world of science, there is an ongoing debate over what decides who you are.  Is it nature or is it nurture? Are we a product of the environment in which we live or are we preprogrammed to be a certain way no matter where we grow up and how we are raised?

As an mother of three, I have lived with these questions for the past thirteen years. My oldest is my biological child, one who is a mini-me not only in looks, but in her personality as well. It is no surprise that she is studying Elementary and Early Childhood education as her college major and is working in a preschool to earn money while at school. My twins are adopted-raised in the same home with the same parents as their big sister. From birth, they have shown their own genetic predispositions.

My daughter is feisty and has been this way from the minute she was born. This was told to me by three different NICU nurses on various shifts. My two pound baby would kick and fight the nurses as they attempted to change her diapers and feeding tubes. Each and every time, she would make a fuss. As she got older, she showed talent for art and music, both given to her by her birthmother, who is an artist.

My son has always had a more gentle and mellower nature, much like my husband. As he got older, his talent for putting things together, fixing things and noticing the minutiae was clearly evident. The fact that both of his birth grandfathers and birth uncle were carpenters tells me that this is most definitely genetic.

Yes, nature has contributed to my twins talents and gifts, and they have been nurtured in a stable, loving home where they want for nothing. Art lessons, camp, music lessons…anything that nurtures the talents they were born with have been offered to my children.

The hit Disney Original Movie, Descendants, tests this very concept. Twenty years before the movie’s action takes place, those who were evil were banished to the Isle of the Lost. Villains such as Maleficent, Cruella De Vil, Jafar and the Evil Queen were forced to live here forever, never to return to the kingdom of Auradon. While living on the Isle of the Lost, each villain had a child. These children of the evil ones were taught to hate those who lived in Auradon. They listened to their parents as they plotted revenge for their banishment.

However, not everyone feared the villains’ offspring. Prince Ben, whose parents are Belle and Beast, made his first official proclamation to have the children of these evil doers come to Auradon Prep School and learn the ways of being good. After all, they weren’t born bad, or were they?

One of these students is Carlos, son of Cruella De Vil. At 14, he is the youngest of the Descendants group. He fears dogs and has been raised to believe they are bad. He overcomes that fear while in Auradon and actually adopts a dog while he is there. His technical skills, he helps this comrades in their attempt steal Fairy Godmother’s Magic Wand.

Carols is a very likable character and many boys are going to want to dress just like him this Halloween. Disney has not produced a Carlos costume, so here are some pieces that you can put together to make your own. The great thing about putting this costume together on your own is that the individual pieces can be used once the holiday os over. That is both practical and a money saver!

DIY Disney Descendants Carlos Costume Ideas

The Leather Jacket

Carlos wears a black, white and red leather jacket in the movie. Leather can be expensive, so here is a faux leather alternative.

This faux leather jacket is perfect for your DIY Disney Descendants Carlos costume. It comes in several sizes.

This jacket comes in several different sizes. If you are crafty, you can add faux fur trim that can be removed. There is no red like Carlos’ actual jacket, so you can either spray paint the sleeves red or use red fabric to sew a sleeve covering so you do not ruin such a nice coat. It can be used again after Halloween is over.

Black and White Shorts

Carlos wears black and white shorts. These basketball shorts are popular and boys will wear them over and over again.

If your son is like mine, he only wears basketball shorts all year round, no matter what the temperature is outdoors. Carlos wears either black and white shorts or all black shorts. This pair will be one that your son will become a wardrobe staple. Pair this with a plain black tee shirt and black Nike Elite basketball socks.

Black Work Boots

These work boots are waterproof and can be worn not just for your Disney Descendants DIY Carlos costume, but all winter long as well.


These Timberland waterproof boots come in all sizes. They are classic and can be used during the long cold winter months head. Carlos is always seen wearing a pair!

White Hair

This white hair spray is perfect for a DIY Carlos Disney Descendants costume.


One of Cruella De Vil’s trademark looks is her black and white hair. Her son, Carlos, also has this kind of hair. His roots are black but his hair is stark white. This temporary spray on color is the final accent for your DIY Disney Descendants Carlos costume.

Descendants 2 Carlos Costume Ready to Wear

For those of you who like to have a ready to wear costume, this Descendants 2 Carlos costume is the one you are looking for.

Disney Descendants 2 Carlos costume ready to wear

Available on Amazon

The top has a jacket that is attached to it. It also comes with the colorful pants and a pair of fingerless gloves. It is available in a variety of sizes and will keep you child warm on a chilly Halloween night.

Featured image from Pixabay and altered by the author in Picmonkey.


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