Disney Descendants Halloween Costumes

Disney Descendants Halloween Costumes

Have you ever wondered what happens after the words “happily ever after” appear at the end of a book or movie? We can let our imaginations run wild and make up our own endings to the stories we loved to hear and see.

Disney is well know for it’s animated family films, all which end on a happy note. Evilness is punished, love conquers all, and every princess gets her very own Prince Charming. Snow White is kissed awake by the Prince, Sleeping Beauty is also smooched back to life by Prince Phillip, and Belle had her Beast turn into the man he was before the enchanted spell was cast upon him.

The only exception to this plot line is Fa Mulan and Li Shang. At the end of the film Mulan, after having saved China from the Huns, she returns home to her family. It is Li Shang, the son of the slain General, who goes after her after the Emperor tells her that “you do not find a girl like that every Dynasty”. Mulan, the Warrior is the woman who wins the heart of her man.

After the closing credits, what happens next?

In the new Disney Channel film entitled Descendants, we get to find out.

The Plot of Disney’s Descendants

In a plot line similar to the popular Happily Ever After dolls, the movie revolves around the offspring of familiar fairy tale characters. In the kingdom of Auradon, where Belle and Beast are the King and Queen, the crown is going to passed down to their son, Prince Ben. He has a kind heart and thinks only of the good in others.

Seeing only kindness, his first proclamation sends shivers down the spines of his parents. He wants to give the children of their evil nemesis a chance to be good. After all, evil is a learned character trait and maybe the lessons of the parents have not stuck yet.

He invites the children of Maleficent, Jafar, The Evil Queen and Cruella De Vil to attend school in his kingdom. Their families had been banished to the Isle of the Lost, where all evil goers are sent after being caught.

Once Mal, (Maleficent’s daughter), Carlos (Cruella’s son), Jay (the son of Jafar) and Evie (daughter of the Evil Queen) arrive, they all have an internal good versus evil dilemma to face. Do they do what their parents have asked-which is steal the Fairy Godmother’s magic wand and have all control over good versus evil-or do they realize that they have been fed a bunch of lies and being good is not a bad thing after all.

This is a Disney production, so you can guess where the end will lead you.

The Stars of Descendants

In classic Disney fashion, the cast of the movie has many faces that are familiar to the tween audience to whom it caters. Portraying Mal is Dove Cameron, the young woman who stars in the Disney Channel’s hit show Liv and Maddie, portraying identical twins. Cameron Boyce, who stars in Jessie as Luke, plays Cruella De Vil’s son, Carlos. There are other up and coming talents that are sure to be seen in future Disney Channel programming.

Adults also have some high caliber actors to watch as well. Broadway actress Kristin Chenoweth stars as Maleficient, Kathy Najimy from My Big, Fat Greek Wedding fame portrays The Evil Queen and Wendy Raquel Robinson from The Steve Harvy Show plays Cruella De Vil.

The characters are going to be very popular to dress as for Halloween.

Disney Descendants Halloween Costumes

Fans of the film, which there are many thanks to the endless playing of the trailers and interviews with the stars on The Disney Channel, can now dress like them for Halloween. 

This Disney's The Descendants: Kids Mal Isle of the Lost Deluxe Costume is available now and comes in different sizes.


This is Mal, Maleficient’s daughter and one of the leader’s of the evil offspring. This costume includes everything except the wig, which is sold separately. Add your own black shoes for the perfect look.

Disney's The Descendants: Girls Evie Isle of the Lost Classic Costume is available now and can be purchased in several different sizes.


It is good to be bad, and here is Evie, daughter of Snow White’s The Evil Queen. Her printed dress and everything else except the wig and shoes are included. This is one funky costume!

This Disney Descendants Evie Coronation Day costume is in a brilliant blue and available in many sizes.


Here is Evie in her Coronation Day costume. Not only is she available, but so are Mal, Lonnie, and Audrey. You can find Evie and all of these Disney Descendants costumes here.

Halloween is going to full of Disney characters once again!

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  • Shame on Disney for treating our sons so unimportantly. How dare they assume all boys only want the superheroes. My son wants to be the love interest, the cool teenager who is a good friend, or the funny one who is helpful. It’s not all princesses and fluff! This is disgraceful Disney. Where are the Descendants Carlos costumes? Where are the clothes for boys with their favorite characters from these movies. I feel our sons are being discriminated against.

  • I agree! My son wants to be Prince Ben for Halloween and I have had no luck finding a costume. I’ve found prince costumes but he only wants “Prince Ben.” Very disappointing that Disney only thinks of the girl characters.

  • We are in the same boat, my son wants to be prince Ben. Looks like I’ll be figuring out how to make one. Even the Descendants clothes were all for girls, I bought one shirt, cut off the design and sewed it to a plain shirt for my son.

  • Disney never thinks about the boy characters, it is a shame. I have spent hours looking for the Carlos costume and now I am trying to find someone who will make one. Disney don’t forget the BOYS!

    • You are absolutely correct! There was never a James or a Minimus costume from “Sofia the First” and no Kristoff or Hans costume from Frozen. I have an article on a DIY Carlos costume that you should check out. It might inspire you!

  • I agree with you! My nephew wants to be Carlos for Halloween but can’t find the costume ANYWHERE. I hope Disney rectifies this problem prior to October…(probably not going to happen)

    • In response to all of the people who want a Carlos costume, I did write an article that has somethings you could do to try to put it together. I do not understand their marketing department at all!

  • The movie was great! My whole family loved it. But why are there only costumes available for girls? My son is very disappointed…he wanted to dress up as Carlos this year for our trip to Disney World in October and I can’t find that costume anywhere.

    • I have no idea why there are only costumes for the female leads. Disney has held back on other costumes in the past, like not having a Sheriff Callie costume for over a year after the show’s premiere or having a limited amount of Princess Amber costumes from Sofia the First.


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