Disney Elena of Avalor Easter Basket Ideas

Disney Elena of Avalor Easter Basket Ideas

Since her television debut in last summer, Disney Junior’s Elena of Avalor has been singing her way to the top of the ratings charts.  This magical show about a teenage queen-to-be shows both boys and girls that young women have to power to create their own destiny with hard work and with help from family and friends. She uses character traits such as compassion and resilience to solve the problems she faces in each episode. With her family-younger sister, Isabel, her grandparents-as well as her friends Naomi and Mateo, Elena is learning to rule the kingdom of Avalor that is rightfully hers to inherit.

Each twenty-two minute episode is divided into two eleven minute segments.  The storylines are fairly predictable…one of the main characters has a problem.  How should it be solved…should s/he do the right thing or the easy thing?   And if the wrong choice is made, how does that character go about righting the wrong? In the end, all is well and a lesson is learned by both the main characters and the audience that is watching.

Making Your Own Easter Baskets

For some families, going out and purchasing ready-made baskets to hand out at Easter is a time honored family tradition.  It saves time and the kids love it.

For others, nothing can compare to making their own Easter masterpieces.  Finding the right basket, filling it with goodies that are both thematic (a character, a sports team, a favorite movie), making the matching bow to tie it all together…they love being crafty!

Making your own baskets is not difficult if you keep a few key things in mind.

  1. Find the right basket size.  Nothing will lay right if it is too big or too small.
  2. Don’t overstuff it or the basket will have a cluttered appearance.
  3. Put newspaper or tissue paper on the bottom to give it height. Then cover with Easter grass.
  4. Tall items need to go in the back, and then use symmetry at the sides and put small items in the front.  Use glue dots or small pieces of tape to keep it all in place so they do not move while you wrap it.
  5. Buy the ready-made cellophane bags so you can just drop the finished product into the bag, tie with matching ribbon and a bow.

How to Make Your Own Disney Elena of Avalor Themed Easter Basket

Much like every Disney character, from Sofia the First to Elsa and Anna from Frozen to Miles from Tomorrowland, Disney has been promoting Elena of Avalor merchandise.  You can create your own beautiful basket based on what your child wants.

Start With the Base

Create your own Elena of Avalor Easter basket with the red basket as the base.

Available on Amazon


It is important to find just the right base to begin your Easter basket. This red one is perfect for your DIY Elena of Avalor Easter basket, since red is her signature color.  If your daughter prefers her accent color of turquoise, this basket is available in this color as well. It measures 6″ x 8″, which is enough space to put in fun items for your favorite girl. After finding the perfect base, put some newspaper at the bottom, and the cover it up with red tissue paper. Then top it off with orange or turquoise Easter grass.

To keep large items together, you can use glue dots, which are easily removed, or tape that is rolled back. This way, things will not move around in the basket after you have carefully arranged it.

Elena of Avalor Books

As both a mother and a teacher, I am a firm believer in giving a child a book for any occasion…and for no reason at all! Once a child loves a book, it is something that s/he will read over and over and over again.  This a a pre-reading skill, as children will become familiar with site words and be able to read them in other stories.  There are many kinds of books in the Elena of Avalor line that will charm your child. There are story books, as well as activity books.

This Elena of Avalor book is perfect for an Easter basket. Not only is it a story to tell, but it comes with a necklace of Elena as well.

This Book and Many Others are Available on Amazon


This Elena of Avalor book is perfect for an Easter basket. Not only is it a story to tell, but it comes with a necklace of Elena as well. In this book, Elena’s younger sister, Isabel, is in a Science Fair. Elena promises to support her there, but a royal appointment is also scheduled. What is she to do?

Elena of Avalor Jewelry

A princess is known for her jewelry, and Elena is no different. A royal outfit must be accessorized just the right way, and with this DIsney Elena of Avalor set, your child will feel just like a princess!

Elena of Avalor accessory set for girls will have your child feeling just like a princess!

Available on Amazon

This trifacta of accessories perfectly resembles what Elena wears on her hit television program. Included in the set is a headband with her signature orange flowers, her gold earrings and turquoise bracelet.

Elena of Avalor Dinnerware

Children love to have a snack or a meal on a plate that features a beloved character. This two piece set has a plate that features the future queen and a bowl. It is BPA free. IF you want, you can fill the bowl with red candy, chocolate or jellybeans and wrap it up with a bow for an extra treat.

Elena of Avalor dinnerware set

Available on Amazon

A Beautiful Purse

A girl cannot have too many purses in her collection, and this one in a vivid red features not only Elena, but a beaded strap as well! The trim is metallic and it zippers on the top so it can close easily and keep all of a little girl’s treasures safe and in one place.

Elena of Avalor purse with beaded strap

Available on Amazon

Elena of Avalor Dolls

Many little girls love dolls, especially those that are one of her favorite movie or television characters! This is just one of many dolls that are inspired by the popular television program. There are so many from which to choose! There are 12 inch dolls, miniature dolls, playsts with all of the character, even dolls that sing! Pick one that will fit nicely into the Easter basket you have selected.

Disney Elena of Avalor and Skylar doll set

Available on Amazon Along With Many Others

Creating your own Elena of Avalor Easter basket is well worth your time and effort!

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