Disney Frozen and Frozen Fever Backpacks and School Supplies

Disney Frozen and Frozen Fever Backpacks and School Supplies

There is nothing like a brand new backpack to make a child feel ten feet tall. Whether you are buying one for a brand new school year or replacing one that is worn out, the freshness and excitement of something new is a feeling of joy that we never outgrown. All three of my children love being able to pick out a new backpack-even my daughter who went off to college this fall!

Disney’s brand new animated family movie, Frozen, is a hit with both families and critics. It has a cast of characters that appeals to both boys and girls, which ensure to the company that it can sell products to both genders. Elsa, the Snow Queen with a power so strong that it turned an entire kingdom to ice, is someone girls can relate to.

Then there is Anna, who is determined to find her sister and bring her home, no matter what the cost. Family comes first. What an incredible value to teach children, who will someday need to depend upon each other when their parents are no longer present.


Disney Frozen backpack for girls

Disney Frozen Backpack from Amazon

Kristoff is a manly guy. He sells ice to the kingdom of Arendelle and feels that he needs no one, except for his best friend, the reindeer named Sven whom he has been with since childhood. A strong man whose heart melts when he meets Anna, Kristoff truly has a very good heart.

Olaf is the cute snowman who will appeal to both boys and girls. He is funny and has a child-like, lovable charm that will endear him to children both young and old.

Disney has started to introduce a line of backpacks and other products from the movie Frozen that your children are sure to be asking for.

Other Uses for Backpacks

As an adult, I still use a backpack when I am on outings. When my twins became mobile, having a shoulder pocketbook was impractical, as I needed to hands-one for each of my children. This was especially true since my son was a darter-he would run away if I ever let go of him. Juggling a pocketbook or even a small diaper bag was not a practical thing for this busy mommy.

Frozen backpack and lunch tote set

Frozen Backpack with matching lunch box from Amazon

While my son no longer darts or needs to use my hand, I carry a backpack when we go on family outings so my hands are free.

Children can use their backpack for so many other things besides school. On long car trips, special toys and goodies can be placed inside to occupy them for at least part of the time. If they are spending the night with grandma and grandpa, pajamas, a change of clothes, a toothbrush and a hairbrush will all fit in nicely.

If a child wants you to hold things, there is no need for that if s/he has a backpack of their own. Let them learn responsibility by carrying their own things around.

When to Buy School Supplies

Although it seems that school lets out in June and then stores start having Back to School sales in July, the truth is that in some parts of the country, summer break is half over by then. If you are a person whose children get out in June, don’t wait until August to pick out the school supplies they want and need. Most schools have a list of the next year’s supplies online, at local retailers, or it is inserted in the final report card.

When something is as popular as Frozen, if you see it then buy it, or else it will be gone!

More Disney Frozen School Supplies Have Arrived!

Frozen Elsa school supply set

Elsa 13 piece school supply set from Amazon

With Back to School being only a few short weeks away, manufacturers have been placing even more Frozen themed school merchandise on store shelves. You can create an Anna and Elsa wonderland right inside your child’s desk at home or at school!

Here are just a few of the items available. Buying it all in one convenient kit makes for for one stop shopping!

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