Disney Frozen Bathroom Ideas

Disney Frozen Bathroom Ideas

One of the easiest and least expensive rooms to decorate is the bathroom. Changing up a few accessories and towels can easily transform a ho-hum room into one that has flair and personality. The bathroom may be the smallest room in the house, but it can be a stand out with the right pieces.

Children’s bathrooms are always fun to decorate.  You have permission to use bright colors, characters, and whimsy that an adult bathroom simply does not use. You can create a theme or use a favorite movie or television program as the launch pad for decorating.

My three children had a Disney themed bathroom for years.  Because I have two girls and a boy, it could not be focused on pink or purple princesses, nor could it be all Buzz Lightyear or Lightning McQueen. We decorated with the classic characters and had a Winnie-thePooh and friends shower curtain, shelves of Disney Bean Bag plush for decorations, and a family photo from Disney World displayed on the vanity counter in a frame form one of their many gift shops.

The 2013 movie Frozen has taken the world by storm.  Anything related to the film does not turn to ice, it turns to gold!  Simply attach Olaf, Elsa or Anna’s face to something and it magically disappears from store shelves.  Children simply cannot get enough of this movie.

If you have daughters who are fascinated and besotted by everything and anything Frozen related, you can create the perfect Frozen themed bathroom for $100-$125, depending on how many accessories you buy.

Here’s how to do it.

Start with the Shower Curtain

When you walk into a bathroom, what is the first thing you see?  It is the shower curtain.  The bathtub is the largest object in the room, no matter how small the bathroom actually is.  The curtain on the rod is the focal point of the room, and all towels and accessories should be match to it to create the perfect room.


Disney Frozen Elsa & Anna Fabric Shower Curtain from Amazon

Create a wintery wonderland any time of year with this gorgeous blue shower curtain that features Anna and Elsa.  Towels can be different shades of blue and burgundy to pick up the colors.

Disney Frozen Snowflake Sisters Shower Curtain from Amazon

If you have girly girls, then this pink shower curtain that has a quote about sisterly love is one that they will love to see every day. Of core, pink or hot pink towels will really set of the color in this item.

Disney Frozen Shower Curtain Hooks – Set of 12 from Amazon

These shower hooks are the perfect little accessory to  hang up your curtain!

                                                                                                                                                            Disney Frozen Bath Rug- Olaf  from Amazon 

When you step out of the tub, you don’t want your tootsies to touch the cold tile or linoleum.  It is dangerous because wet feet can slip.  One way to keep safe, warm, and stay with the Frozen theme is to have a bath rug with Olaf’s face on it! The rug is 25 inches in circumference and is simply adorable!

Vanity Accessories

The vanity area should be one that is unlettered with only the basic necessities on it.

 Disney Frozen Olaf Soap/Lotion Dispenser from Amazon

Kids need to wash their hands after using the bathroom, so why not use an Olaf soap dispenser?


Disney Frozen ToothBrush Holder from Amazon

Children also have to brush their teeth.  You can keep your daughters’ Anna and Elsa toothbrushes in this toothbrush holder.

Frozen Bedroom Bathroom Garbage Can Waste Basket from Amazon

This trash can matches the toothbrush holder and blue shower curtain.

The final accessory is to have some Frozen bath towels for when tub time is over.  There are many different designs and colors to choose from.

Designing your Frozen themed bathroom is simple, easy and inexpensive with a few well chosen accessories.


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