Disney Frozen Christmas Ornaments

Disney Frozen Christmas Ornaments

On Thanksgiving Day 2013, Disney premiered its 53rd animated movie, Frozen.  With rave reviews and over one billion dollars in box office receipts, it has become the newest in a long line of classic family films from the studio famous for making them.

Frozen had all the makings of a mega hit. First, there is the enchanting plot line.  One sister, Elsa, also known as The Snow Queen, has a magical power that almost killed her sister when they were younger.  She has spent her entire life suppressing this power, but one fateful night, she lost control.

What sets off is a chain of events that keeps moviegoers on the edge of their seats.  The film has two strong female leads in the princess sisters, Anna and Elsa.  The former is determined to find her sister when she runs away, and she enlists the help of Kristoff not because she is incapable of going on her quest alone, but because he is right for the job.

Frozen also delights children with it’s non-human characters.  There is the ditzy, child-like Olaf, who is a snowman, and Sven, the reindeer who has more sense than his owner, Kristoff.

More Reasons to Love Disney’s Frozen

Film reviewers went crazy for the film’s score.  There are eight original songs included, which have been compared to the 1994 mega hit , The Lion King, an Oscar winning film.  Children will be humming these tunes and asking parents to download them onto their iPods or buying the soundtrack for car rides around town.

The characters are fully dimensional, and there is something to like with all of them.  The movie has a blend of humor, romance, and fairy tale fantasy.  Although it has a PG rating, it for some mild crude humor that most children have already been exposed to if they have not been living in a bubble.

Because the reviews have overall been stellar, it comes as no surprise that ornaments featuring the characters from the film are flying off the store shelves.

Who are the Main Characters?

There are several characters who play primary roles in the movie.

First, there are the sisters, Elsa and Anna.  They are best friends who are inseparable.  Elsa is older and will be crowned the Queen after their parents die.  Anna is her feisty younger sister, who has fewer cares than her older sister, who also harbors a terrible magical power.

Hans is the man that Anna falls for and decides to marry before the fateful event.

Kristoff is the one who helps Anna find her sister, and also provides her with a romance of her own.

Sven is Kristoff’s reindeer who pulls the sleigh and provided some comical scenes.

Olaf is the lovable snowman whom everyone adores!

Frozen, Frozen Fever, and Olaf’s Frozen Adventures Christmas Ornaments

Share the joy of this movie with those who delight from singing the songs and seeing the movie.  These are all brand new for Christmas 2015 and are perfect for your Frozen ornament collection!


Brand new for 2017 is the Disney Olaf's Frozen Adventure ornament, featuring the lovable snowman with sisters Elsa and Anna.

Available at The Disney Store

Brand new for 2017 is the Disney Olaf’s Frozen Adventure ornament, featuring the lovable snowman with sisters Elsa and Anna



Here is a gorgeous Elsa Christmas ornament from the Frozen Fever animated short.

Frozen Fever was a hit animated short that came out a few years ago. Here is a brand new Elsa ornament featuring her brand new spring green gown.  You can find this and other Frozen Fever ornaments on Amazon.          

Olaf Christmas Ornaments 2017

The most lovable character has a few different styles of ornaments that are brand new for Christmas 2017.


Olaf's Frozen Adventures Disney ornaments for 2017

Olaf Adventures Ornament is new for 2017. It is available on Amazon.

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